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Enhanced lithium and electron diffusion of LiFePO4 cathode with two-dimensional Ti3C2 MXene nanosheets [期刊论文]Li, XC; Qian, YH; Liu, T; Cao, FT; Zang, Z, et al.2018-8-1
Alpha-amino acid assisted synthesis of ordered mesoporous alumina with tunable structural properties [期刊论文]Xiao, YS; Zhang, BS; Song, YH; Liu, ZT; Su, DS, et al.2018-7-15
Boundary faceting in Goss orientated nickel with a nanolaminated structure [期刊论文]Xie, H; Zhang, HW; Lu, K2018-7-1
Clean, fast and scalable transfer of ultrathin/patterned vertically-aligned carbon nanotube arrays [期刊论文]Ping, LQ; Hou, PX; Wang, H; Chen, ML; Zhao, Y, et al.2018-7-1
Superior azo-dye degradation of Fe-Si-B-P amorphous powders with graphene oxide addition [期刊论文]Wang, F; Wang, H; Zhang, HF; Dan, ZH; Weng, N, et al.2018-7-1
Special segregation of Cu on the habit plane of lath-like beta' and QP2 precipitates in Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys [期刊论文]Weng, YY; Jia, ZH; Ding, LP; Du, K; Duan, HC, et al.2018-7-1
Ab initio molecular dynamics simulation on interfacial reaction behavior of Fe-Cr-Ni stainless steel in high temperature water [期刊论文]Wang, HT; Han, EH2018-6-15
Controlled synthesis of Co2C nanochains using cobalt laurate as precursor: Structure, growth mechanism and magnetic properties [期刊论文]Zhang, YJ; Zhu, Y; Wang, KJ; Li, D; Wang, DP, et al.2018-6-15
Influence of cooling rate on the formation of bimodal microstructures in nickel-base superalloys during continuous two-step aging [期刊论文]Yang, M; Zhang, J; Wei, H; Gui, WM; Su, HJ, et al.2018-6-15
Coupled simulation of ferrite recrystallization in a dual-phase steel considering deformation heterogeneity at mesoscale [期刊论文]Shen, G; Hu, BJ; Zheng, CW; Gu, JF; Li, DZ2018-6-15
Hollow CaTiO3 cubes modified by La/Cr co-doping for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production [期刊论文]Wang, RN; Ni, S; Liu, G; Xu, XX2018-6-5
Al-Ti-C master alloy with nano-sized TiC particles dispersed in the matrix prepared by using carbon nanotubes as C source [期刊论文]Jiang, HX; Sun, Q; Zhang, LL; Zhao, JZ2018-6-5
Combined strengthening from nanotwins and nanoprecipitates in an iron-based superalloy [期刊论文]Zhang, BB; Yan, FK; Zhao, MJ; Tao, NR; Lu, K2018-6-1
Maximizing the visible light photoelectrochemical activity of B/N-doped anatase TiO2 microspheres with exposed dominant {001} facets [期刊论文]Hong, XX; Kang, YY; Zhen, C; Kong, XD; Yin, LC, et al.2018-6-1
Effects of liquid fraction on the microstructure and mechanical properties in forge solidifying 12Cr1MoV steel [期刊论文]Guo, YF; Cao, YF; Sun, MY; Xu, B; Li, DZ2018-6-1
Experimental and DFT characterization of interphase boundaries in titanium and the implications for omega-assisted alpha phase precipitation [期刊论文]Li, DD; Wan, WF; Zhu, LQ; Jiang, Y; Shao, SQ, et al.2018-6-1
Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Bi12O17Cl2 nano-sheets via surface modification of carbon nanotubes as electron carriers [期刊论文]Shi, L; Ma, JY; Yao, LZ; Cui, LS; Qi, W2018-6-1
Quantitative analysis of the yield behavior of a < 1 1 1 >/2 screw dislocation in alpha-iron [期刊论文]Xia, ZY; Zhang, ZJ; Yang, JB; Zhang, ZF2018-6-1
Effect of polishing process on corrosion behavior of 308L stainless steel in high temperature water [期刊论文]Ma, C; Han, EH; Peng, QJ; Ke, W2018-6-1
Nanoindentation-induced phase transformation between SiC polymorphs [期刊论文]Yao, TT; Yin, DQ; Saito, M; Wu, B; Chen, CL, et al.2018-6-1


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