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High cycle fatigue of isothermally forged Ti-6.5Al-2.2Mo-2.2Zr-1.8Sn-0.7W-0.2Si with different microstructures [期刊论文]Zhang, SF; Zeng, WD; Zhao, QY; Gao, XX; Wang, QJ2016-12-25
镁合金丝状腐蚀研究进展 [期刊论文]王宏新; 于锦; 宋影伟2016-12-20
镁合金自修复涂层研究进展 [期刊论文]刘丹; 宋影伟; 单大勇; 韩恩厚2016-12-20
成膜温度对AZ80镁合金磷酸盐转化膜微裂纹形成及耐蚀性的影响 [期刊论文]许祖滨; 宋影伟; 单大勇; 韩恩厚2016-12-20
输送石瑙油用304不锈钢波纹管腐蚀失效分析 [期刊论文]叶威; 宋小平; 周玉华; 王海; 史显波2016-12-15
Influence of Al content on diamond nucleation and growth on Fe-Al alloys in CH4-H-2 plasma atmosphere [期刊论文]Pan, TJ; Ye, F; Li, XJ; He, LL; Sanchez-Pasten, M, et al.2016-12-15
Effects of microstructure on the creep properties of a new Ni-Co base superalloy [期刊论文]Xu, L; Sun, CQ; Cui, CY; Zhang, C2016-12-15
Fabrication of FDTS-modified PDMS-ZnO nanocomposite hydrophobic coating with anti-fouling capability for corrosion protection of Q235 steel [期刊论文]Arukalam, IO; Oguzie, EE; Li, Y2016-12-15
High-speed extrusion of dilute Mg-Zn-Ca-Mn alloys and its effect on microstructure, texture and mechanical properties [期刊论文]Jiang, MG; Xu, C; Nakata, T; Yan, H; Chen, RS, et al.2016-12-15
Effect of welding thermal cycles on the oxidation resistance of 9 wt.% Cr heat resistant steels in 550 degrees C lead-bismuth eutectic [期刊论文]Wang, J; Rong, LJ; Li, DZ; Lu, SP2016-12-15
Extreme anisotropy of electromigration: Nickel in single-crystal tin [期刊论文]Wei, S; Ma, HC; Chen, JQ; Guo, JD2016-12-5
镁合金塑性变形过程中锯齿屈服现象的研究进展 [期刊论文]李传强; 许道奎; 韩恩厚2016-12-2
Evaluation of the dissolved oxygen-related electrochemical behavior of pure titanium in acidic fluoride-containing solutions [期刊论文]Wang, ZB; Hu, HX; Zheng, YG2016-12-1
Electrodynamic response of the type-II Weyl semimetal YbMnBi2 [期刊论文]Chinotti, M; Pal, A; Ren, WJ; Petrovic, C; Degiorgi, L2016-12-1
Preparation and enhanced oxidation performance of a Hf-doped single-phase Pt-modified aluminide coating [期刊论文]Yang, YF; Jiang, CY; Yao, HR; Bao, ZB; Zhu, SL, et al.2016-12-1
Study on Micron Porous Copper Prepared by Physical Vacuum Dealloying [期刊论文]Ren, YB; Sun, YX; Yang, K2016-12-1
Microstructural Depictions of Austenite Dynamic Recrystallization in a Low-Carbon Steel: A Cellular Automaton Model [期刊论文]Ma, X; Zheng, CW; Zhang, XG; Li, DZ2016-12-1
Effects of aging time on intergranular and pitting corrosion behavior of Cu-bearing 304L stainless steel in comparison with 304L stainless steel [期刊论文]Jiang, J; Xu, DK; Xi, T; Shahzad, MB; Khan, MS, et al.2016-12-1
Novel biocompatible magnesium alloys design with nutrient alloying elements Si, Ca and Sr: Structure and properties characterization [期刊论文]Wang, WD; Han, JJ; Yang, X; Li, M; Wan, P, et al.2016-12-1
Thermodynamic Investigation of Electrolytes of the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (V): Conductivity and Ionic Dissociation of Vanadyl Sulfate in Aqueous Solution in the 278.15-318.15 K Temperature Range [期刊论文]Li, XR; Qin, Y; Xu, WG; Liu, JG; Yang, JZ, et al.2016-12-1


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