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In situ transmission electron microscopy investigation of quasicrystal-crystal transformations in Mg-Zn-Y alloys [期刊论文]J. F. Liu; Z. Q. Yang; H. Q. Ye2015
Motion of 1/3 < 111 > dislocations on Sigma 3 {112} twin boundaries in nanotwinned copper [期刊论文]N. Lu; K. Du; L. Lu; H. Q. Ye2014
Studying the rotation induced super-lattices on graphite using a type-criterion potential based molecular dynamics method [期刊论文]Y. L. Liu; G. H. Zhou; L. L. He; H. Q. Ye2014
In situ electron microscopy investigation of void healing in an Al-Mg-Er alloy at a low temperature [期刊论文]M. Song; K. Du; S. P. Wen; Z. R. Nie; H. Q. Ye2014
First-principles calculation of crystalline materials genome: a preliminary study [期刊论文]S. Q. Wang; H. Q. Ye2014
Deformation twinning with zero macroscopic strain in a coarse-grained Ni-Co-based superalloy [期刊论文]Y. J. Xu; K. Du; C. Y. Cui; H. Q. Ye2014
Deformation-induced dissolution and growth of precipitates in an Al-Mg-Er alloy during high-cycle fatigue [期刊论文]M. Song; K. Du; Z. Y. Huang; H. Huang; Z. R. Nie, et al.2014
Stacking fault effects on dynamic strain aging in a Ni-Co-based superalloy [期刊论文]Y. J. Xu; D. Q. Qi; K. Du; C. Y. Cui; H. Q. Ye2014
Direct Observation of Atomic Dynamics and Silicon Doping at a Topological Defect in Graphene [期刊论文]Z. Q. Yang; L. C. Yin; J. Lee; W. C. Ren; H. M. Cheng, et al.2014
Investigation on NiAl-TiC-Al2O3 composite prepared by self-propagation high temperature synthesis with hot extrusion [期刊论文]L. Y. Sheng; F. Yang; J. T. Guo; T. F. Xi; H. Q. Ye2013

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