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The effect of Sm-doping on optical properties of LaB6 nanoparticles [期刊论文]L. M. Chao; L. H. Bao; J. J. Shi; W. Wei; O. Tegus, et al.2015
Magnetic structures, magnetic domains and topological magnetic textures of magnetic materials [期刊论文]Z. D. Zhang2015
Exchange Bias Effect and Magnetic Properties in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3-NiO Nanocomposite Films [期刊论文]X. K. Ning; Z. J. Wang; X. G. Zhao; C. W. Shih; W. C. Chang, et al.2014
Inter layer exchange coupling of antiferromagnetic NiO layers through Cu spacer [期刊论文]B. Li; W. Liu; X. G. Zhao; W. J. Gong; J. N. Feng, et al.2014
Martensitic Transitions and Magnetocaloric Properties in Ni48Mn39In13-xGex (x=1-3) Ribbons [期刊论文]X. G. Zhao; X. K. Ning; C. W. Shih; M. Tong; W. C. Chang, et al.2014
Unveiling the electronic origin of anion order in CrO2-xFx [期刊论文]B. Li; Y. N. Chen; H. Wang; W. Liang; G. Y. Liu, et al.2014
Thermal stability, magnetic and mechanical properties of Fe-Dy-B-Nb bulk metallic glasses with high glass-forming ability [期刊论文]J. W. Li; W. M. Yang; D. Estevez; G. X. Chen; W. G. Zhao, et al.2014
Atomic-scale mapping of dipole frustration at 90 degrees charged domain walls in ferroelectric PbTiO3 films [期刊论文]Y. L. Tang; Y. L. Zhu; Y. J. Wang; W. Y. Wang; Y. B. Xu, et al.2014
Magnetic and Transport Properties of Mn0.98Cr0.02Te Epitaxial Films Grown on Al2O3 Substrates [期刊论文]Z. H. Wang; D. Y. Geng; J. Li; Y. B. Li; Z. D. Zhang2014
Growth of topological crystalline insulator SnTe thin films on Si(111). substrate by molecular beam epitaxy [期刊论文]C. H. Yan; H. Guo; J. Wen; Z. D. Zhang; L. L. Wang, et al.2014

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