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Phosphorus-assisted solid-phase approach to three-dimensional highly porous graphene sheets and their capacitance properties [期刊论文]Chen, CL; Liang, T; Chen, X; Zhang, BS; Wang, L, et al.2018-6-1
2D transition metal carbide MXene as a robust biosensing platform for enzyme immobilization and ultrasensitive detection of phenol [期刊论文]Wu, LX; Lu, XB; Dhanjai; Wu, ZS; Dong, YF, et al.2018-6-1
某铝合金复杂锻件成形工艺设计及DEFORM-3D模拟优化 [期刊论文]王松伟; 张士宏; 陈岩; 宋鸿武2018-5-25
热处理对SIMP钢的显微组织和力学性能的影响 [期刊论文]王海; 严伟; 石全强; 王威; 单以银, 等.2018-5-25
Microstructural evolutions and fracture behaviors of a newly developed nickel-base superalloy during creep deformation [期刊论文]Cui, LQ; Yu, JJ; Liu, JL; Sun, XF2018-5-25
Influence of solidification conditions and alloying elements Re and Ti on micropores formed during homogenization of Ni base single crystal superalloy [期刊论文]Liu, JL; Meng, J; Yu, JJ; Zhou, YZ; Sun, XF2018-5-25
Regulation of depletion layer width in Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3/Nb:SrTiO3 heterostructures [期刊论文]Bai, Y; Wang, ZJ; Cui, JZ; Zhang, ZD2018-5-23
AZ31B镁合金/6061铝合金异质金属连接件整体微弧氧化膜的制备及其结构 [期刊论文]周吉学; 陈燕飞; 宋晓村; 刘洪涛; 杨院生2018-5-20
Substitutional Carbon-Modified Anatase TiO2 Decahedral Plates Directly Derived from Titanium Oxalate Crystals via Topotactic Transition [期刊论文]Niu, P; Wu, TT; Wen, L; Tan, J; Yang, YQ, et al.2018-5-17
New BiVO4 Dual Photoanodes with Enriched Oxygen Vacancies for Efficient Solar-Driven Water Splitting [期刊论文]Wang, SC; Chen, P; Bai, Y; Yun, JH; Liu, G, et al.2018-5-17

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