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Acta Materialia的办刊之道及对我国科技期刊的启示 [期刊论文]罗艳芬; 刘冬; 罗东; 迟美; 黄春晓2018-5-15
Enhanced corrosion resistance in Fe-based amorphous coatings through eliminating Cr-depleted zones [期刊论文]Wu, J; Zhang, SD; Sun, WH; Gao, Y; Wang, JQ2018-5-15
The influence of temperature gradient on the corrosion of materials in molten fluorides [期刊论文]Wang, YL; Zeng, CL; Li, WH2018-5-15
Nanometer-sized domain structure in complex Mg21Zn25 formed by eutectoid phase transformation in a Mg-Zn alloy [期刊论文]Zhang, LF; Wang, WZ; Hu, WW; Yang, ZQ; Ye, HQ2018-5-15
Enhanced tribological performance of a gradient nanostructured interstitial-free steel [期刊论文]Wang, PF; Han, Z; Lu, K2018-5-15
Controllable oxygen vacancies, orbital occupancy and magnetic ordering in SrCoO3-delta films [期刊论文]Gu, YD; Song, C; Zhang, HR; Wang, ZC; Cui, B, et al.2018-5-15
偏晶合金凝固过程研究进展 [期刊论文]赵九洲; 江鸿翔2018-5-11
高氮无镍不锈钢接骨板的轻量化设计及生物力学研究——空心结构的影响 [期刊论文]孙玉霞; 任伊宾; 赵浩川; 王青川; 杨柯2018-5-10
铸造、锻造和粉末冶金TC4钛合金损伤容限行为对比研究 [期刊论文]冯新; 马英杰; 李建崇; 丁贤飞; 南海, 等.2018-5-10
新型高氮无镍不锈钢与L605合金及316L不锈钢生物相容性对比研究 [期刊论文]刘美霞; 赵静; 王青川; 张炳春; 杨柯2018-5-10

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