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医用无镍不锈钢在血管支架领域的研究进展 [期刊论文]陈姗姗; 张炳春; 杨柯2018-5-10
医用无镍不锈钢作为骨植入材料的研究与应用 [期刊论文]王青川; 张炳春; 任伊宾; 杨柯2018-5-10
Nickel Hydroxide-Cobalt Hydroxide Nanoparticle Supported Ruthenium-Nickel-Cobalt Islands as an Efficient Nanocatalyst for the Hydrogenation Reaction [期刊论文]Zhu, LH; Zhang, H; Hu, WW; Zheng, JB; Zhang, NW, et al.2018-5-9
Internal Polarization Modulation in Bi2MoO6 for Photocatalytic Performance Enhancement under Visible-Light Illumination [期刊论文]Chen, Y; Yang, WY; Gao, S; Zhu, LG; Sun, CX, et al.2018-5-9
Composition and Band Gap Tailoring of Crystalline (GaN)(1-x),(ZnO)(x) Solid Solution Nanowires for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performance [期刊论文]Li, J; Liu, BD; Wu, AM; Yang, B; Yang, WJ, et al.2018-5-7
A Co-N-4 moiety embedded into graphene as an efficient single-atom-catalyst for NO electrochemical reduction: a computational study [期刊论文]Wang, ZX; Zhao, JX; Wang, JY; Cabrera, CR; Chen, ZF2018-5-7
Enhanced thermal stability of nanograined metals below a critical grain size [期刊论文]Zhou, X; Li, XY; Lu, K2018-5-4
柔性锂硫电池的材料设计与实现 [期刊论文]闻雷; 梁骥; 石颖; 陈静; 孙振华, 等.2018-5-1
Ultrahigh-performance transparent conductive films of carbon-welded isolated single-wall carbon nanotubes [期刊论文]Jiang, S; Hou, PX; Chen, ML; Wang, BW; Sun, DM, et al.2018-5-1
Postillumination Activity in a Single-Phase Photocatalyst of Mo-Doped TiO2 Nanotube Array from Its Photocatalytic "Memory" [期刊论文]Feng, F; Yang, WY; Gao, S; Sun, CX; Li, Q2018-5-1

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