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Production of alumina micro abrasives coated with nano-silica for bonding improvements to zirconia 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL NANOSCIENCE, 2018, 卷号: 13, 期号: 1, 页码: 211-219
Authors:  Zhang, W;  Farooq, A;  Wu, WP;  Kong, DJ
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Alumina abrasive  coating  resin bond strength  silicon nanoparticles  
Effect of Casting Modulus on Microstructure and Segregation in K441 Superalloy Casting 期刊论文
Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 2011, 卷号: 27, 期号: 9, 页码: 831-840
Authors:  W. G. Jiang;  J. S. Dong;  L. Wang;  L. H. Lou
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Superalloy  Turbine Blade  Casting Modulus  Microstructure  Segregation  Grain-boundary Segregation  Single-crystal Superalloy  Ni-base  Superalloy  Cooling Rate  Behaviors  
Microstructure evolution of Zr(2)Al(3)C(4) in Cu matrix 期刊论文
Journal of Materials Research, 2011, 卷号: 26, 期号: 3, 页码: 372-383
Authors:  J. Zhang;  J. Y. Wang;  Y. C. Zhou
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Metal-ceramic Interfaces  Thermal-expansion  Crystal-structure  Part i  X-ray  Composites  Copper  Ti3alc2  Al  Temperature  
Effect of porosity sealing treatments on the corrosion resistance of high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF)-sprayed Fe-based amorphous metallic coatings 期刊论文
Surface & Coatings Technology, 2011, 卷号: 206, 期号: 6, 页码: 1307-1318
Authors:  Y. Wang;  S. L. Jiang;  Y. G. Zheng;  W. Ke;  W. H. Sun;  J. Q. Wang
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Metallic Coatings  Sealing Treatment  Corrosion  Amorphous Structures  Passivity  Matrix Composites  Aluminum-alloy  Passive Films  Protection  Behavior  Oxide  Surface  Acid  Al  Improvement  
Reciprocating Friction and Wear Behavior of Zr(2) Al(Si) (4)C(5) and Zr(2) Al(Si) (4)C(5)-SiC Composite Against Si(3)N(4) Ball 期刊论文
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2010, 卷号: 93, 期号: 8, 页码: 2369-2376
Authors:  L. Wu;  L. F. He;  J. X. Chen;  X. P. Lu;  Y. C. Zhou
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Thermoelectric Properties  Crystal-structure  Single-crystals  Bulk  Zr2al3c4  Oxidation  Carbide  Carbon  Temperatures  Hafnium  Ti3sic2  
Corrosion properties of friction-stir processed cast NiAl bronze 期刊论文
Corrosion Science, 2010, 卷号: 52, 期号: 5, 页码: 1610-1617
Authors:  D. R. Ni;  B. L. Xiao;  Z. Y. Ma;  Y. X. Qiao;  Y. G. Zheng
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Nial Bronze  Copper  Weight Loss  Polarization  Friction-stir Processing  Nickel-aluminum Bronze  Low-carbon Steel  Electrochemical Corrosion  Mechanical-properties  Microstructural Characterization  Grain-size  Sea-water  Behavior  Alloy  Polarization  
Tribological behavior of PEEK/PTFE composites reinforced with potassium titanate whiskers 期刊论文
Wear, 2010, 卷号: 268, 期号: 3-4, 页码: 424-430
Authors:  G. Y. Xie;  G. S. Zhuang;  G. X. Sui;  R. Yang
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Sliding Wear  Polymer-matrix Composite  Electron Microscopy  Wear  Testing  Poly(Ether Ether Ketone)  Wear Behavior  Peek Composites  Mechanical-properties  Polymer Composites  Sliding Wear  Friction  Fiber  Ptfe  Polyetheretherketone  
Microstructure and corrosion performance of a cold sprayed aluminium coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy 期刊论文
Corrosion Science, 2010, 卷号: 52, 期号: 10, 页码: 3191-3197
Authors:  Y. S. Tao;  T. Y. Xiong;  C. Sun;  L. Y. Kong;  X. Y. Cui;  T. F. Li;  G. L. Song
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Aluminium  Magnesium  Eis  Pitting Corrosion  Pure Aluminum  Anodic-dissolution  Kinetic Spray  Deposition  Behavior  Particles  Mechanisms  Impedance  Oxidation  Steel  
Short-term oxidation and hot corrosion resistance of a gradient CrN/Cr(1-x)Al(x)N coating 期刊论文
Materials and Corrosion-Werkstoffe Und Korrosion, 2010, 卷号: 61, 期号: 11, 页码: 939-946
Authors:  M. Zhu;  M. S. Li;  J. J. Xu;  Y. C. Zhou
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High-temperature Oxidation  Aluminide Coatings  Overlay Coatings  Nitride Coatings  Behavior  Alloy  Superalloy  K38g  Cr  
Comparison of the oxidation of high-sulfur Ni-25Cr-5Al alloys in as-cast and as-sputtered states 期刊论文
Corrosion Science, 2010, 卷号: 52, 期号: 4, 页码: 1213-1221
Authors:  Q. Li;  X. Peng;  J. Q. Zhang;  G. X. Zong;  F. H. Wang
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Alloy  Sputtered Films  Sem  Stem  Epma  Oxidation  Oxide Scales  Stainless-steel  Growth  Segregation  Nanocrystallization  Resistance  Adhesion  Ni  Adherence  Corrosion