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Revealing the deformation mechanisms of nanograins in gradient nanostructured Cu and CuAl alloys under tension 期刊论文
ACTA MATERIALIA, 2019, 卷号: 180, 页码: 231-242
Authors:  Wang, J. J.;  Tao, N. R.;  Lu, K.
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Gradient nanostructure  Tensile  Grain coarsening  Deformation twinning  CuAl alloys  
Effect of Volume Fraction of Gradient Nanograined Layer on Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Cu 期刊论文
Authors:  Jing, Li-Jun;  Pan, Qing-Song;  Lu, Lei
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copper  cyclic deformation  fatigue properties  gradient nanograins  homogeneous grain coarsening  
Simultaneous enhancement of stress- and strain-controlled fatigue properties in 316L stainless steel with gradient nanostructure 期刊论文
ACTA MATERIALIA, 2019, 卷号: 168, 页码: 133-142
Authors:  Lei, Y. B.;  Wang, Z. B.;  Xu, J. L.;  Lu, K.
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Gradient nanostructured  Surface mechanical rolling treatment  AISI 316L stainless steel  Strain-controlled fatigue  Deformation-induced martensite  
Diffusion behavior of Cr in gradient nanolaminated surface layer on an interstitial-free steel 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 2019, 卷号: 35, 期号: 3, 页码: 460-464
Authors:  Xie, S. L.;  Wang, Z. B.;  Lu, K.
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Gradient nanolaminated structure  Interstitial-free steel  Diffusion  Low-angle grain boundary  Surface mechanical rolling treatment  
Improved fatigue resistance of gradient nanograined Cu 期刊论文
ACTA MATERIALIA, 2019, 卷号: 166, 页码: 56-66
Authors:  Long, Jianzhou;  Pan, Qingsong;  Tao, Nairong;  Dao, Ming;  Suresh, Subra;  Lu, Lei
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Graded nanostructures  Surface engineering  Fatigue resistance  Surface roughening  Microstructural convergence  
Enhanced oxidation resistance of a reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steel in liquid Pb-Bi eutectic alloy by preforming a gradient nanostructured surface layer 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS, 2018, 卷号: 507, 页码: 151-157
Authors:  Zhang, WH;  Wang, ZB;  Lu, K
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Gradient nanostructure  Oxidation resistance  Ferritic/martensitic steel  Surface mechanical rolling treatment  Lead-bismuth eutectic  
Giant linear strain gradient with extremely low elastic energy in a perovskite nanostructure array 期刊论文
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 2017, 卷号: 8, 页码: -
Authors:  Tang, Y. L.;  Zhu, Y. L.;  Liu, Y.;  Wang, Y. J.;  Ma, X. L.;  Ma, XL (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Shenyang Natl Lab Mat Sci, Inst Met Res, Wenhua Rd 72, Shenyang 110016, Peoples R China.;  Ma, XL (reprint author), Lanzhou Univ Technol, Sch Mat Sci & Engn, Langongping Rd 287, Lanzhou 730050, Peoples R China.
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Quantifying the Microstructures of Pure Cu Subjected to Dynamic Plastic Deformation at Cryogenic Temperature 期刊论文
Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 2011, 卷号: 27, 期号: 8, 页码: 673-679
Authors:  F. Yan;  H. W. Zhang;  N. R. Tao;  K. Lu
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Quantitative Structural Characterization  Cu  Dynamic Plastic  Deformation  Transmission Electron Microscopy  Convergent Beam Electron  Diffraction  Channel Angular Extrusion  Fine Grained Copper  Ultra-high Strains  Mechanical-properties  Thermal-stability  Rate Sensitivity  Stored  Energy  Evolution  Strength  Size  
Growth of ZnO nanorod arrays by sol-gel method: transition from two-dimensional film to one-dimensional nanostructure 期刊论文
Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing, 2011, 卷号: 103, 期号: 1, 页码: 159-166
Authors:  M. W. Zhu;  N. Huang;  J. Gong;  B. Zhang;  Z. J. Wang;  C. Sun;  X. Jiang
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Thin-films  Crystal-growth  Beam Epitaxy  Nanowires  Mechanism  Diffusion  Dopants  Ga  Al  
Interfacial diffusion in a nanostructured Cu produced by means of dynamic plastic deformation 期刊论文
Acta Materialia, 2011, 卷号: 59, 期号: 4, 页码: 1818-1828
Authors:  H. L. Wang;  Z. B. Wang;  K. Lu
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Nanostructured Material  Dynamic Plastic Deformation  Diffusion  Grain  Boundaries  Twin Boundaries  Grain-boundary Diffusion  Mechanical Attrition Treatment  Tilt  Boundaries  Copper  Alloy  Temperatures  Nucleation  Dependence  Energies  Scale