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Highly dispersed nanometer BiVO4 on attapulgite as a potential hybrid inhibitor pigment in epoxy coatings 期刊论文
Authors:  Shi, Hongwei;  Sun, Mingyuan;  Yu, Yongli;  Shi, Meihui;  Shi, Fa-Nian;  Liu, Fuchun;  Han, En-Hou
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Bismuth vanadate  Attapulgite  Pigment  Aluminium alloy  Corrosion inhibition  
Cerium tartrate as a pigment in epoxy coatings for corrosion protection of AA 2024-T3 期刊论文
PROGRESS IN ORGANIC COATINGS, 2017, 卷号: 105, 页码: 123-131
Authors:  Hu, Tianhui;  Shi, Hongwei;  Fan, Shihua;  Liu, Fuchun;  Han, En-Hou;  Fan, SH (reprint author), Northeastern Univ, Dept Chem, Shenyang 110019, Peoples R China.;  Shi, HW (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Met Res, CAS Key Lab Nucl Mat & Safety Assessment, Shenyang 110016, Peoples R China.
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Aluminium Alloy  Organic Cerium Salt  Organic Coatings  Svet  Eis  Corrosion Inhibition  
Using high-temperature mechanochemistry treatment to modify iron oxide and improve the corrosion performance of epoxy coating - I. High-temperature ball milling treatment 期刊论文
Corrosion Science, 2015, 卷号: 90, 页码: 451-462
Authors:  X. L.;  Shao Liu, Y. W.;  Zhang, Y. J.;  Meng, G. Z.;  Zhang, T.;  Wang, F. H.
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Paint Coatings  Interfaces  Xps  Eis  Sem  Electrochemical-behavior  Particle-size  Carbon-black  Mild-steel  Zinc-oxide  Resin  Nanoparticles  Anticorrosion  Alpha-fe2o3  Polyaniline  
Cerium cinnamate as an environmentally benign inhibitor pigment for epoxy coatings on AA 2024-T3 期刊论文
Progress in Organic Coatings, 2014, 卷号: 77, 期号: 4, 页码: 765-773
Authors:  H. W. Shi;  E. H. Han;  S. V. Lamaka;  M. L. Zheludkevich;  F. C. Liu;  M. G. S. Ferreira
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Aa 2024-t3  Organic Coatings  Xps  Eis  Corrosion  Active Corrosion Protection  Oxide Conversion Coatings  Aluminum-alloy  Corrosion  Sol-gel Coatings  Chromate  Aa2024  Steel  Spectroscopy  Passivation  Mechanisms  
Effect of polyvinylpyrrolidone - polyethylene glycol blends on the corrosion inhibition of aluminium in HCl solution 期刊论文
Pigment & Resin Technology, 2014, 卷号: 43, 期号: 5, 页码: 299-313
Authors:  S. A. Umoren;  U. M. Eduok;  M. M. Solomon
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Corrosion  Corrosion Inhibitors  Acids  Polymer Blend  Mild-steel Corrosion  Sulfuric-acid-solution  Halide-ions  Polyvinyl-alcohol  Hydrochloric-acid  Aqueous Extract  Alkaline-medium  Molecular-structure  Polyacrylic-acid  H2so4 Solutions  
The failure behaviour of an epoxy glass flake coating/steel system under marine alternating hydrostatic pressure 期刊论文
Corrosion Science, 2014, 卷号: 86, 页码: 81-92
Authors:  W. L. Tian;  L. Liu;  F. D. Meng;  Y. Liu;  Y. Li;  F. H. Wang
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Organic Coatings  Steel  Eis  Polymer Coatings  Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy  Water Transport Behaviors  Organic Coatings  Aluminum-alloys  Corrosion Behavior  Nacl Solution  In-situ  Part i  Adhesion  Models  
磷酸盐防锈颜料在水性涂料中的防腐蚀性能及作用机理 学位论文
, 北京: 中国科学院金属研究所, 2012
Authors:  胡妹
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水性涂料  防锈颜料  防腐蚀性能  防腐蚀机理  Water-borne Coating  Anti-corrosive Pigment  Anticorrosion Property  Anticorrosion Mechanism  
Inhibitive Behavior and Mechanism of a Ferrite Inhibition Pigment in Epoxy Paints 期刊论文
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2012, 卷号: 159, 期号: 9, 页码: C403-C410
Authors:  Y. S. Hao;  F. C. Liu;  E. H. Han
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Corrosion Electrochemical-behavior  Nontoxic Anticorrosive Pigments  Zinc Phosphate Pigment  Mild-steel  Coatings  Performance  Impedance  Protection  Evaluate  Eis  
The effect of epoxy coating containing emeraldine base and hydrofluoric acid doped polyaniline on the corrosion protection of AZ91D magnesium alloy 期刊论文
Corrosion Science, 2011, 卷号: 53, 期号: 11, 页码: 3747-3755
Authors:  Y. J. Zhang;  Y. W. Shao;  T. Zhang;  G. Z. Meng;  F. H. Wang
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Organic Coatings  Magnesium  Eis  Xps  X-ray Photoelectron  Mild-steel  Electrochemical-behavior  Stainless-steel  Passivation Mechanism  Conversion Coatings  Buffer  Solution  Part 2  Spectroscopy  Inhibition  
The influence of ultra-fine glass fibers on the mechanical and anticorrosion properties of epoxy coatings 期刊论文
Progress in Organic Coatings, 2011, 卷号: 71, 期号: 2, 页码: 188-197
Authors:  Y. S. Hao;  F. C. Liu;  H. W. Shi;  E. H. Han;  Z. Y. Wang
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Ultra-fine Glass Fiber  Reinforced Polyamide 6  Eis  6  Anticorrosion  Epoxy Coatings  Artificial Sea-water  Fracture-toughness  Resin Composites  Interface Region  Strength  Performance  Interphase  Diameter  Concrete