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Effects of casting temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the TiZr-based bulk metallic glass matrix composite [期刊论文]P. F. Sha; Z. W. Zhu; H. M. Fu; H. Li; A. M. Wang, et al.2014
High temperature thermo-mechanical and low cycle fatigue behaviors of DD32 single crystal superalloy [期刊论文]J. J. Yu; G. M. Han; Z. K. Chu; X. F. Sun; T. Jin, et al.2014
Method of Stray Grain Inhibition in the Platforms with Different Dimensions During Directional Solidification of a Ni-Base Superalloy [期刊论文]X. B. Meng; J. G. Li; S. Z. Zhu; H. Q. Du; Z. H. Yuan, et al.2014
Influence of the Substrate Orientation on the Isothermal Solidification during TLP Bonding Single Crystal Superalloys [期刊论文]N. C. Sheng; B. Li; J. D. Liu; T. Jin; X. F. Sun, et al.2014
A novel nano-structured interpenetrating phase composite of silicon/graphite- tin for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries anode materials [期刊论文]J. B. Wu; Z. W. Zhu; H. W. Zhang; H. M. Fu; H. Li, et al.2014
High-temperature deformation behaviors of W/Zr based amorphous interpenetrating composite [期刊论文]H. M. Fu; N. Liu; A. M. Wang; H. Li; Z. W. Zhu, et al.2014
An interplay of sulfur and phosphorus at the gamma-Ni/gamma '-Ni3Al interface [期刊论文]S. He; P. Peng; L. Peng; Y. Chen; H. Wei, et al.2014
Synthesis of high strength aluminum alloys in the Al-Ni-La system [期刊论文]J. Mu; P. F. Sha; Z. W. Zhu; Y. D. Wang; H. F. Zhang, et al.2014
A Ti/Ti-Based-Metallic-Glass Interpenetrating Phase Composite with Remarkable Mutual Reinforcement Effect [期刊论文]J. Mu; Z. W. Zhu; H. F. Zhang; H. W. Zhang; H. M. Fu, et al.2014
Isothermal solidification stage during transient liquid-phase bonding single-crystal superalloys [期刊论文]N. C. Sheng; J. D. Liu; T. Jin; X. F. Sun; Z. Q. Hu2014

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