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Competition mechanism between microstructure type and inclusion level in determining VHCF behavior of bainite/martensite dual phase steels [期刊论文]Y. Yu; J. L. Gu; F. L. Shou; L. Xu; B. Z. Bai, et al.2011
Very high cycle fatigue behaviors of Mn-Si-Cr series Bainite/Martensite dual phase steels [期刊论文]Y. Yu; J. L. Gu; L. Xu; F. L. Shou; B. Z. Bai, et al.2010
Thermal effect of bainite/martensite duplex-phase steel under ultrasonic fatigue testing [期刊论文]Y. B. Liu; S. X. Li; Z. G. Yang; Y. D. Li; Y. Yu, et al.2010
Very high cycle fatigue mechanism of carbide-free bainite/martensite steel micro-alloyed with Nb [期刊论文]Y. Yu; J. L. Gu; B. Z. Bai; Y. B. Liu; S. X. Li2009



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