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界面换热系数对淬火过程变形模拟的影响 [期刊论文]程柏松; 肖纳敏; 李殿中; 李依依2012-11-25
界面换热系数对淬火过程变形模拟影响的敏感性分析 [期刊论文]程柏松; 肖纳敏; 李殿中; 李依依2012-6-11
DD98M镍基单晶高温合金900℃高周疲劳行为 [期刊论文]韩国明; 张振兴; 李金国; 金涛; 孙晓峰, 等.2012-2-11
Design of ductile bulk metallic glasses by adding "soft" atoms [期刊论文]N. Zheng; R. T. Qu; S. Pauly; M. Calin; T. Gemming, et al.2012
Microstructure refinement of a dual phase titanium alloy by severe room temperature compression [期刊论文]Z. Q. Zhang; L. M. Dong; Y. Yang; S. X. Guan; Y. Y. Liu, et al.2012
Fatigue cracking at twin boundary: Effect of dislocation reactions [期刊论文]Z. J. Zhang; L. L. Li; P. Zhang; Z. F. Zhang2012
Formation of thick nanocrystalline surface layer on copper during oscillating sliding [期刊论文]Y. S. Zhang; W. L. Li; G. Wang; L. C. Zhang; B. Yao, et al.2012
In situ tensile creep behaviors of Sn-4Ag/Cu solder joints revealed by electron backscatter diffraction [期刊论文]Q. K. Zhang; Z. F. Zhang2012
Twin boundary: Stronger or weaker interface to resist fatigue cracking? [期刊论文]P. Zhang; Z. J. Zhang; L. L. Li; Z. F. Zhang2012
Synthesis and properties of tungsten balls/Zr-base metallic glass composite [期刊论文]B. Zhang; H. M. Fu; Z. W. Zhu; A. M. Wang; H. Li, et al.2012

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