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Pristine carbon nanotubes as non-metal electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction of water splitting [期刊论文]Y. Cheng; C. W. Xu; L. C. Jia; J. D. Gale; L. L. Zhang, et al.2015
Double-wall carbon nanotube transparent conductive films with excellent performance [期刊论文]P. X. Hou; B. Yu; Y. Su; C. Shi; L. L. Zhang, et al.2014
High capacity Na-O-2 batteries with carbon nanotube paper as binder-free air cathode [期刊论文]Z. L. Pan; Y. Chen; F. J. Li; T. Zhang; C. Liu, et al.2014
Structural Changes in Iron Oxide and Gold Catalysts during Nucleation of Carbon Nanotubes Studied by In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy [期刊论文]D. M. Tang; C. Liu; W. J. Yu; L. L. Zhang; P. X. Hou, et al.2014
Honeycomb-like single-wall carbon nanotube networks [期刊论文]S. S. Li; P. X. Hou; C. Liu; T. Y. Liu; W. S. Li, et al.2014
Study on biodegradation of the second phase Mg17Al12 in Mg-Al-Zn Alloys: In vitro experiment and thermodynamic calculation [期刊论文]C. Liu; H. Z. Yang; P. Wan; K. H. Wang; L. L. Tan, et al.2014
Effect of Cu content on the antibacterial activity of titanium-copper sintered alloys [期刊论文]J. Liu; F. B. Li; C. Liu; H. Y. Wang; B. R. Ren, et al.2014
Performance-improved Li-O-2 battery with Ru nanoparticles supported on binder-free multi-walled carbon nanotube paper as cathode [期刊论文]F. J. Li; Y. Chen; D. M. Tang; Z. L. Jian; C. Liu, et al.2014
In Situ TEM Observations on the Sulfur-Assisted Catalytic Growth of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes [期刊论文]L. L. Zhang; P. X. Hou; S. S. Li; C. Shi; H. T. Gong, et al.2014
De-bundling of single-wall carbon nanotubes induced by an electric field during arc discharge synthesis [期刊论文]Y. L. Zhang; P. X. Hou; C. Liu; H. M. Cheng2014

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