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Effects of RE and Sr additions on dendrite growth and phase precipitation in AZ91D magnesium alloy [期刊论文]J. X. Zhou; J. Wang; Y. S. Yang2010
Microstructure, mechanical properties and bio-corrosion properties of Mg-Si(-Ca, Zn) alloy for biomedical application [期刊论文]E. L. Zhang; L. Yang; J. W. Xu; H. Y. Chen2010
Kinetics controlled aging effect of ferroelectricity in Al-doped and Ga-doped BaTiO(3) [期刊论文]Y. Y. Guo; M. H. Qin; T. Wei; K. F. Wang; J. M. Liu2010
Apatite formation on anodized Ti-6Al-4V alloy in simulated body fluid [期刊论文]X. Y. Cui; H. M. Kim; M. Kawashita; L. B. Wang; T. Y. Xiong, et al.2010
Structure and electric transport properties of the spin ladder compound Sr(14) (Cu(0.97) M(0.03))(24) O(41) (M = Zn, Ni, Co) [期刊论文]L. Cheng; L. L. Wang; S. Z. Pu; N. Hu; Y. Zhang, et al.2010
Preparation and Luminescence Characteristics of BaHfO(3):Ce Nanoparticles by the Process of Solid-State Reaction [期刊论文]K. Yin; W. M. Ma; L. Wen; S. F. Shen; H. D. Wang, et al.2009
High Temperature Metal-Insulator Transition Induced by Rare-Earth Doping in Perovskite CaMnO(3) [期刊论文]Y. Wang; Y. Sui; J. G. Cheng; X. J. Wang; Z. Lu, et al.2009
Structural transition, electrical and magnetic properties of the B-site Co doped Sr(14)Cu(24)O(41) compounds [期刊论文]J. Wang; Y. Lin; H. M. Zou; S. Z. Pu; J. Shi2009
Preparation and characterization of a novel Si-incorporated ceramic film on pure titanium by plasma electrolytic oxidation [期刊论文]W. Zhang; K. Q. Du; C. W. Yan; F. H. Wang2008
挤压AM50(-Ca)镁合金的显微组织与力学性能研究 [期刊论文]张久文; 陈荣石; 周文龙; 韩恩厚2007-2-28

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