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Dual-heteroatom-modified ordered mesoporous carbon: Hydrothermal functionalization, structure, and its electrochemical performance [期刊论文]X. C. Zhao; Q. Zhang; B. S. Zhang; C. M. Chen; A. Q. Wang, et al.2012
Spherical Structures Composed of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes: Formation Mechanism and Catalytic Performance [期刊论文]J. Zhang; R. Wang; E. Z. Liu; X. F. Gao; Z. H. Sun, et al.2012
Synthesis, structural analysis and in situ transmission electron microscopy mechanical tests on individual aluminum matrix/boron nitride nanotube nanohybrids [期刊论文]M. Yamaguchi; D. M. Tang; C. Y. Zhi; Y. Bando; D. Shtansky, et al.2012
Effect of particle size on the activity and durability of the Pt/C electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells [期刊论文]Z. Xu; H. M. Zhang; H. X. Zhong; Q. H. Lu; Y. F. Wang, et al.2012
Extraordinary catalytic effect of Laves phase Cr and Mn alloys on hydrogen dissociation and absorption [期刊论文]E. D. Wu; W. H. Li; J. Li2012
Resin-Derived Hierarchical Porous Carbon Spheres with High Catalytic Performance in the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene [期刊论文]L. F. Wang; J. J. Delgado; B. Frank; Z. Zhang; Z. C. Shan, et al.2012
Optimal electromagnetic-wave absorption by enhanced dipole polarization in Ni/C nanocapsules [期刊论文]H. Wang; H. H. Guo; Y. Y. Dai; D. Y. Geng; Z. Han, et al.2012
Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Monolith for Alkaline Supercapacitors and Understanding Nitrogen-Induced Redox Transitions [期刊论文]D. W. Wang; F. Li; L. C. Yin; X. Lu; Z. G. Chen, et al.2012
Mechanical Properties of Si Nanowires as Revealed by in Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations [期刊论文]D. M. Tang; C. L. Ren; M. S. Wang; X. L. Wei; N. Kawamoto, et al.2012
Catalysis on nano-carbon materials: Going where to? Preface [期刊论文]D. S. Su; S. Perathoner; G. Centi2012

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