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A new criterion to determine the critical pitting temperature (CPT) based on electrochemical noise measurement [期刊论文]T. Zhang; D. Y. Wang; Y. W. Shao; G. Z. Meng; F. H. Wang2012
Investigation of the effects of the magnetic field on the anodic dissolution of copper in NaCl solutions with holography [期刊论文]B. Y. Yuan; C. Wang; L. Li; S. H. Chen2012
Improved barrier performance of metal alkoxide-modified methyltrimethoxysilane films [期刊论文]Y. Q. Yang; L. Liu; J. M. Hu; J. Q. Zhang; C. N. Cao2012
Effects of Cadmium alloying on the Corrosion and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium [期刊论文]S. N. Xu; M. E. Ikpi; J. H. Dong; J. Wei; W. Ke, et al.2012
The Enhanced Even and Pitting Corrosion Resistances of Bulk Nanocrystalline Steel in HCl Solution [期刊论文]S. G. Wang; M. Sun; K. Long2012
Relationship between amorphous structure and corrosion behaviour in a Zr-Ni metallic glass [期刊论文]D. P. Wang; S. L. Wang; J. Q. Wang2012
The role of second phases in the corrosion behavior of Mg-5Zn alloy [期刊论文]Y. W. Song; E. H. Han; D. Y. Shan; C. D. Yim; B. S. You2012
The effect of Zn concentration on the corrosion behavior of Mg-xZn alloys [期刊论文]Y. W. Song; E. H. Han; D. Y. Shan; C. D. Yim; B. S. You2012
Preliminary study of anti-infective function of a copper-bearing stainless steel [期刊论文]L. Ren; K. Yang; L. Guo; H. W. Chai2012
Experimental and computational failure analysis of a valve in a nuclear power plant [期刊论文]C. B. Liu; S. L. Jiang; Y. G. Zheng2012

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