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Microstructural percolation assisted breakthrough of trade-off between strength and ductility in CuZr-based metallic glass composites [期刊论文]Z. Q. Liu; G. Liu; R. T. Qu; Z. F. Zhang; S. J. Wu, et al.2014
Light irradiation-assisted synthesis of ZnO-CdS/reduced graphene oxide heterostructured sheets for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution [期刊论文]X. W. Wang; L. C. Yin; G. Liu2014
A nonstoichiometric SnO2-delta nanocrystal-based counter electrode for remarkably improving the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells [期刊论文]J. Pan; L. Z. Wang; J. C. Yu; G. Liu; H. M. Cheng2014
CdS-mesoporous ZnS core-shell particles for efficient and stable photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under visible light [期刊论文]Y. P. Xie; Z. B. Yu; G. Liu; X. L. Ma; H. M. Cheng2014
Step-wise controlled growth of metal@TiO2 core-shells with plasmonic hot spots and their photocatalytic properties [期刊论文]T. Butburee; Y. Bai; J. Pan; X. Zong; C. H. Sun, et al.2014
Titanium Dioxide Crystals with Tailored Facets [期刊论文]G. Liu; H. G. Yang; J. Pan; Y. Q. Yang; G. Q. Lu, et al.2014
Switching the selectivity of the photoreduction reaction of carbon dioxide by controlling the band structure of a g-C3N4 photocatalyst [期刊论文]P. Niu; Y. Q. Yang; J. C. Yu; G. Liu; H. M. Cheng2014
Constructing a Metallic/Semiconducting TaB2/Ta2O5 Core/Shell Heterostructure for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution [期刊论文]Y. Q. Yang; C. H. Sun; L. Z. Wang; Z. B. Liu; G. Liu, et al.2014
Surface Structural Reconstruction for Optical Response in Iodine-Modified TiO2 Photocatalyst System [期刊论文]L. J. Zhang; J. Zhou; J. Li; G. Liu; X. Lin, et al.2014
Selective deposition of redox co-catalyst(s) to improve the photocatalytic activity of single-domain ferroelectric PbTiO3 nanoplates [期刊论文]C. Zhen; J. C. Yu; G. Liu; H. M. Cheng2014

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