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电弧等离子体辅助渗氮处理Cr12MoV钢的组织结构及硬度 [期刊论文]赵彦辉; 巴宏波; 郎文昌; 杜昊; 于宝海2012-11-30
马氏体抗菌不锈钢的研究开发 [会议论文]陈红军; 陆桂芬; 杨柯; 南黎2012-4
Low-pressure arc plasma-assisted nitriding of AISI 304 stainless steel [期刊论文]Y. H. Zhao; B. H. Yu; L. M. Dong; H. Du; J. Q. Xiao2012
Deposition, microstructure and hardness of TiN/(Ti,Al)N multilayer films [期刊论文]Y. H. Zhao; L. Hu; G. Q. Lin; J. Q. Xiao; C. Dong, et al.2012
Correlation between wear resistance and subsurface recrystallization structure in copper [期刊论文]B. Yao; Z. Han; K. Lu2012
Strain rate dependent plastic mutation in a bulk metallic glass under compression [期刊论文]Y. F. Xue; L. Wang; X. W. Cheng; F. C. Wang; H. W. Cheng, et al.2012
Orientational dependence of recrystallization in an Ni-base single-crystal superalloy [期刊论文]G. Xie; L. Wang; J. Zhang; L. H. Lou2012
Deformation and fracture behaviors of Ti-based metallic glass under multiaxial stress state [期刊论文]F. F. Wu; W. Zheng; S. D. Wu; Z. F. Zhang; J. Shen2012
Size effects and strength fluctuation in nanoscale plasticity [期刊论文]W. Wang; Y. Zhong; K. Lu; L. Lu; D. L. McDowell, et al.2012
Influence of Nitrogen Flow Ratio on the Microstructure, Composition, and Mechanical Properties of DC Magnetron Sputtered Zr-B-O-N Films [期刊论文]T. G. Wang; Y. M. Liu; T. F. Zhang; D. I. Kim; K. Kim2012

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