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Wall-number selective growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes from FePt catalysts: a comparative study with Fe catalysts [期刊论文]S. S. Li; P. X. Hou; C. Liu; L. B. Gao; B. L. Liu, et al.2012
Repeated growth and bubbling transfer of graphene with millimetre-size single-crystal grains using platinum [期刊论文]L. B. Gao; W. C. Ren; H. L. Xu; L. Jin; Z. X. Wang, et al.2012
Preparation of graphene by chemical vapor deposition [期刊论文]W. C. Ren; L. B. Gao; L. P. Ma; H. M. Cheng2011
Additive-Free Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Its Application for Transparent Conductive Films [期刊论文]W. B. Liu; S. F. Pei; J. H. Du; B. L. Liu; L. B. Gao, et al.2011
Three-dimensional flexible and conductive interconnected graphene networks grown by chemical vapour deposition [期刊论文]Z. P. Chen; W. C. Ren; L. B. Gao; B. L. Liu; S. F. Pei, et al.2011
Efficient Preparation of Large-Area Graphene Oxide Sheets for Transparent Conductive Films [期刊论文]J. P. Zhao; S. F. Pei; W. C. Ren; L. B. Gao; H. M. Cheng2010
Graphene Anchored with Co(3)O(4) Nanoparticles as Anode of Lithium Ion Batteries with Enhanced Reversible Capacity and Cyclic Performance [期刊论文]Z. S. Wu; W. C. Ren; L. Wen; L. B. Gao; J. P. Zhao, et al.2010
Efficient Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons Sonochemically Cut from Graphene Sheets [期刊论文]Z. S. Wu; W. C. Ren; L. B. Gao; B. L. Liu; J. P. Zhao, et al.2010
Edge phonon state of mono- and few-layer graphene nanoribbons observed by surface and interference co-enhanced Raman spectroscopy [期刊论文]W. C. Ren; R. Saito; L. B. Gao; F. W. Zheng; Z. S. Wu, et al.2010
Efficient growth of high-quality graphene films on Cu foils by ambient pressure chemical vapor deposition [期刊论文]L. B. Gao; W. C. Ren; J. P. Zhao; L. P. Ma; Z. P. Chen, et al.2010

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