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Direct characterization of ion implanted pyrolytic carbon coatings deposited from natural gas [期刊论文]X. J. He; J. L. Song; H. H. Xia; J. Tan; B. L. Zhang, et al.2014
Development of Ti(2)AINb Alloys: Opportunities and Challenges [期刊论文]W. Chen; J. W. Li; L. Xu; B. Lu2014
SiC coating: An alternative for the protection of nuclear graphite from liquid fluoride salt [期刊论文]X. J. He; J. L. Song; J. Tan; B. L. Zhang; H. H. Xia, et al.2014
Morphology evolution of unstable gamma ' in Ni-Co based superalloy [期刊论文]L. Xu; C. G. Tian; C. Y. Cui; Y. F. Gu; X. F. Sun2014
Development of High Curie Temperature Ferroelectric xBi(Sc-0.5,Yb-0.5)O-3-(1-x)PbTiO3 Single Crystals [期刊论文]L. Xu; J. Z. Xiao; J. A. Paixao; B. F. O. Costa; M. M. R. Costa2013
XAFS and Dielectric Study for Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O-3-PbTiO3 Crystals [期刊论文]J. Z. Xiao; L. Xu; J. A. Paixao; M. M. R. Costa2013
Dynamic Strain Aging in a Newly Developed Ni-Co-Base Superalloy with Low Stacking Fault Energy [期刊论文]C. G. Tian; C. Y. Cui; L. Xu; Y. F. Gu; X. F. Sun2013
Sealing nuclear graphite with pyrolytic carbon [期刊论文]S. L. Feng; L. Xu; L. Li; S. Bai; X. M. Yang, et al.2013
Fabrication of three-dimensional nanoporous nickel films with tunable nanoporosity and their excellent electrocatalytic activities for hydrogen evolution reaction [期刊论文]J. Cai; L. Xu; J. M. Wang; L. Y. Zhang; H. Zhou, et al.2013
Electric Properties of Single-Phased BiFeO3 Ceramics [期刊论文]J. H. Miao; J. Z. Xiao; L. Xu; J. A. Paixao; M. M. R. Costa, et al.2013

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