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Coupled simulation of ferrite recrystallization in a dual-phase steel considering deformation heterogeneity at mesoscale [期刊论文]Shen, G; Hu, BJ; Zheng, CW; Gu, JF; Li, DZ2018-6-15
Effects of liquid fraction on the microstructure and mechanical properties in forge solidifying 12Cr1MoV steel [期刊论文]Guo, YF; Cao, YF; Sun, MY; Xu, B; Li, DZ2018-6-1
Fast simulations of a large number of crystals growth in centimeter-scale during alloy solidification via nonlinearly preconditioned quantitative phase-field formula [期刊论文]Gong, TZ; Chen, Y; Cao, YF; Kang, XH; Li, DZ2018-5-1
Microstructural evolution and mechanical property of a Ni-Fe-based weld metal during long-term exposure at 650 degrees C and 700 degrees C [期刊论文]Wu, D; Li, DZ; Lu, SP2018-2-14
Coexistent three-component and two-component Weyl phonons in TiS, ZrSe, and HfTe [期刊论文]Li, JX; Xie, Q; Ullah, S; Li, RH; Ma, H, et al.2018-2-12
A Multi-phase Field Model for Static Recrystallization of Hot Deformed Austenite in a C-Mn Steel [期刊论文]Zhang, J; Zheng, CW; Li, DZ2018-2-1
Vacancy formation enthalpies of high-entropy FeCoCrNi alloy via first-principles calculations and possible implications to its superior radiation tolerance [期刊论文]Chen, WL; Ding, XY; Feng, YC; Liu, XJ; Liu, K, et al.2018-2-1
The tensile behaviors of vanadium-containing 25Cr-20Ni austenitic stainless steel at temperature between 200 degrees C and 900 degrees C [期刊论文]Hu, GD; Wang, P; Li, DZ; Li, YY2018-1-10
Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties in 718H pre-hardened mold steel during tempering [期刊论文]Liu, HH; Fu, PX; Liu, HW; Sun, C; Ma, XP, et al.2018-1-2
Topological quantum catalyst: Dirac nodal line states and a potential electrocatalyst of hydrogen evolution in the TiSi family [期刊论文]Li, JX; Ma, H; Xie, Q; Feng, SB; Ullah, S, et al.2018

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