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Local compressibilities of Cr3+ and Mn4+ octahedral clusters in YAlO3 crystals [期刊论文]W. C. Zheng; Y. Mei; H. G. Liu2012
A film of rutile TiO2 pillars with well-developed facets on an alpha-Ti substrate as a photoelectrode for improved water splitting [期刊论文]C. Zhen; G. Liu; H. M. Cheng2012
Crystal facet-dependent photocatalytic oxidation and reduction reactivity of monoclinic WO3 for solar energy conversion [期刊论文]Y. P. Xie; G. Liu; L. C. Yin; H. M. Cheng2012
Crystal field energy levels of the laser crystal Gd3Ga5O12: Nd3+ [期刊论文]P. Su; W. C. Zheng2012
The electronic and optical properties of carbon-doped SrTiO3: Density functional characterization [期刊论文]N. Li; K. L. Yao2012
Theoretical Explanation of the Optical and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectral Data for Trivalent Ytterbium Ions in beta-Lead Fluoride [期刊论文]W. L. Feng; W. C. Zheng; H. G. Liu; M. F. Zhao2012
Theoretical investigation of EPR and optical spectra of Mo(V) in Mo6O19 N(C4H9)(4) (3) salt [期刊论文]W. L. Feng2012
Studies of the optical band positions and EPR g factors for Cu(H(2)O)(6)(2+) centers in Tutton salt crystals [期刊论文]W. C. Zheng; D. T. Zhang; P. Su; H. G. Liu2011
Anatase TiO(2) Crystal Facet Growth: Mechanistic Role of Hydrofluoric Acid and Photoelectrocatalytic Activity [期刊论文]H. M. Zhang; Y. Wang; P. R. Liu; Y. H. Han; X. D. Yao, et al.2011
Facile Fabrication of Anatase TiO(2) Microspheres on Solid Substrates and Surface Crystal Facet Transformation from {001} to {101} [期刊论文]H. M. Zhang; P. R. Liu; F. Li; H. W. Liu; Y. Wang, et al.2011

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