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Boundary faceting in Goss orientated nickel with a nanolaminated structure [期刊论文]Xie, H; Zhang, HW; Lu, K2018-7-1
Combined strengthening from nanotwins and nanoprecipitates in an iron-based superalloy [期刊论文]Zhang, BB; Yan, FK; Zhao, MJ; Tao, NR; Lu, K2018-6-1
Enhanced tribological performance of a gradient nanostructured interstitial-free steel [期刊论文]Wang, PF; Han, Z; Lu, K2018-5-15
Enhanced thermal stability of nanograined metals below a critical grain size [期刊论文]Zhou, X; Li, XY; Lu, K2018-5-4
High-order hierarchical nanotwins with superior strength and ductility [期刊论文]Liu, XW; Sun, LG; Zhu, LL; Liu, JB; Lu, K, et al.2018-5-1
Friction and Wear Reduction in Copper with a Gradient Nano-grained Surface Layer [期刊论文]Chen, X; Han, Z; Lu, K2018-4-25
Enhanced Enhanced bonding property of cold-sprayed Zn-Al coating on interstitial-free steel substrate with a nanostructured surface layer [期刊论文]Liang, YL; Wang, ZB; Zhang, J; Zhang, JB; Lu, K2016-11-1



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