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球压法力学性能测试系统的计算机控制 [会议论文]程建强; 陈怀宁; 李东旭2012-7-27
High-temperature fatigue property of Ti46Al8Nb alloy with the fully lamellar microstructure [期刊论文]Y. Zhou; J. Q. Wang; B. Zhang; W. Ke; E. H. Han2012
Roles of Zr and Y in cast microstructure of M951 nickel-based superalloy [期刊论文]P. J. Zhou; J. J. Yu; X. F. Sun; H. R. Guan; Z. Q. Hu2012
Influence of Y on stress rupture property of a Ni-based superalloy [期刊论文]P. J. Zhou; J. J. Yu; X. F. Sun; H. R. Guan; X. M. He, et al.2012
The interpretation of X-ray diffraction from the pyrocarbon in carbon/carbon composites with comparison of TEM observations [期刊论文]G. H. Zhou; S. Yu; L. L. He; Q. G. Guo; H. Q. Ye2012
Design of ductile bulk metallic glasses by adding "soft" atoms [期刊论文]N. Zheng; R. T. Qu; S. Pauly; M. Calin; T. Gemming, et al.2012
Prediction of post-dynamic austenite-to-ferrite transformation and reverse transformation in a low-carbon steel by cellular automaton modeling [期刊论文]C. W. Zheng; D. Raabe; D. Z. Li2012
Structural relaxation and its influence on the elastic properties and notch toughness of Mg-Zn-Ca bulk metallic glass [期刊论文]Y. Y. Zhao; X. Zhao2012
Deposition, microstructure and hardness of TiN/(Ti,Al)N multilayer films [期刊论文]Y. H. Zhao; L. Hu; G. Q. Lin; J. Q. Xiao; C. Dong, et al.2012
Microstructure refinement of a dual phase titanium alloy by severe room temperature compression [期刊论文]Z. Q. Zhang; L. M. Dong; Y. Yang; S. X. Guan; Y. Y. Liu, et al.2012

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