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A flexible nanostructured sulphur-carbon nanotube cathode with high rate performance for Li-S batteries [期刊论文]G. M. Zhou; D. W. Wang; F. Li; P. X. Hou; L. C. Yin, et al.2012
Graphene sponge for efficient and repeatable adsorption and desorption of water contaminations [期刊论文]J. P. Zhao; W. C. Ren; H. M. Cheng2012
Strengthening Ti3AlC2 by In Situ Synthesizing Ti3AlC2-Y4Al2O9 Composites [期刊论文]X. Zhan; Z. Li; Z. H. Gao; L. Y. Zheng; X. H. Wang, et al.2012
Facile synthesis of hierarchically porous Co3O4 nanowire arrays with enhanced electrochemical catalysis [期刊论文]J. Xu; J. Cai; J. M. Wang; L. Y. Zhang; Y. Q. Fan, et al.2012
Tunable Band Gaps and p-Type Transport Properties of Boron-Doped Graphenes by Controllable Ion Doping Using Reactive Microwave Plasma [期刊论文]Y. B. Tang; L. C. Yin; Y. Yang; X. H. Bo; Y. L. Cao, et al.2012
Production of Fine Tungsten Powder by Electrolytic Reduction of Solid CaWO4 in Molten Salt [期刊论文]D. D. Tang; W. Xiao; H. Y. Yin; L. F. Tian; D. H. Wang2012
Large magnetocaloric properties in single-crystal dysprosium titanate [期刊论文]Y. T. Su; Y. Sui; X. J. Wang; J. G. Cheng; Y. Wang, et al.2012
Large reversible magnetocaloric effect in TmTiO3 single crystal [期刊论文]Y. T. Su; Y. Sui; J. G. Cheng; X. J. Wang; Y. Wang, et al.2012
Graphene-Like Carbon Nitride Nanosheets for Improved Photocatalytic Activities [期刊论文]P. Niu; L. L. Zhang; G. Liu; H. M. Cheng2012
Temperature-dependent transport and transient photovoltaic properties of La2/3Ca1/3MnO3/Nb:SrTiO3 heteroepitaxial p-n junction [期刊论文]H. Ni; S. L. Da; K. Zhao; Y. C. Kong; H. K. Wong, et al.2012

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