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Structural transitions and transport-half-metallic ferromagnetism in LaMnO3 at elevated pressure [期刊论文]J. G. He; M. X. Chen; X. Q. Chen; C. Franchini2012
The Melting Curves and Entropy of Iron under High Pressure [期刊论文]F. Luo; Y. Cheng; X. R. Chen; L. C. Cai; F. Q. Jing2011
Visualization of Dimensional Effects in Collective Excitations of Optically Trapped Quasi-Two-Dimensional Bose Gases [期刊论文]Y. Hu; Z. X. Liang2011
Microwave response of FeCo/carbon nanotubes composites [期刊论文]Z. Han; D. Li; X. W. Wang; Z. D. Zhang2011
Thermal conductivity of electron-doped CaMnO(3) perovskites: Local lattice distortions and optical phonon thermal excitation [期刊论文]Y. Wang; Y. Sui; X. J. Wang; W. H. Su; X. Y. Liu, et al.2010
Correlation of structural distortion with magnetic properties in electron-doped Ca(0.9)R(0.1)MnO(3) perovskites (R=rare-earth) [期刊论文]Y. Wang; Y. Sui; X. J. Wang; W. H. Su; X. Y. Liu2010
The A-site disorder effects and enhanced magnetoresistance in La(0.55)Sr(0.45)MnO(3) [期刊论文]K. F. Wang; W. Z. Luo; S. Dong; D. Li; Z. D. Zhang, et al.2010
Voltage tunable photodetecting properties of La(0.4)Ca(0.6)MnO(3) films grown on miscut LaSrAlO(4) substrates [期刊论文]X. M. Li; K. Zhao; H. Ni; S. Q. Zhao; W. F. Xiang, et al.2010
Structure, transport and magnetic properties of electron-doped perovskites R(x)Ca(1-x)MnO(3) (R = La, Y and Ce) [期刊论文]Y. Wang; Y. Sui; X. J. Wang; W. H. Su2009
High Temperature Metal-Insulator Transition Induced by Rare-Earth Doping in Perovskite CaMnO(3) [期刊论文]Y. Wang; Y. Sui; J. G. Cheng; X. J. Wang; Z. Lu, et al.2009

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