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Enhanced lithium and electron diffusion of LiFePO4 cathode with two-dimensional Ti3C2 MXene nanosheets [期刊论文]Li, XC; Qian, YH; Liu, T; Cao, FT; Zang, Z, et al.2018-8-1
Exploring a novel ceramic (Ti,W)(3)SiC2 for interconnect of intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell [期刊论文]Zheng, LL; Hua, QS; Li, XC; Li, MS; Qian, YH, et al.2018-4-12
Deposition of Phase-pure Cr2AlC Coating by DC Magnetron Sputtering and Post Annealing Using Cr-Al-C Targets with Controlled Elemental Composition but Different Phase Compositions [期刊论文]Li, YM; Zhao, GR; Qian, YH; Xu, JJ; Li, MS2018-3-1
Ultra-high temperature oxidation behavior of micro-laminated ZrC/MoSi2 coating on C/C composite [期刊论文]Xu, JJ; Yang, TT; Yang, Y; Qian, YH; Li, MS, et al.2018-3-1
Ultra-High-Temperature Oxidation and Thermal Stability of Ti2AlC in Air at 1600-1800 A degrees C [期刊论文]Xu, JJ; Gao, ZH; Qian, YH; Li, MS2016-10-1



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