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Varying tensile fracture mechanisms of Cu and Cu-Zn alloys with reduced grain size: From necking to shearing instability [期刊论文]P. Zhang; S. Qu; M. X. Yang; G. Yang; S. D. Wu, et al.2014
Effects of Friction Stir Processing Parameters and In Situ Passes on Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Al-Si-Mg Casting [期刊论文]G. R. Cui; D. R. Ni; Z. Y. Ma; S. X. Li2014
The anisotropy and diverse mechanical properties of rolled Mg-3% Al-1% Zn alloyl [期刊论文]X. Hua; F. Lv; H. Qiao; P. Zhang; Q. Q. Duan, et al.2014
Relations between fatigue strength and other mechanical properties of metallic materials [期刊论文]J. C. Pang; S. X. Li; Z. G. Wang; Z. F. Zhang2014
Gigacycle Fatigue Behavior of 1800 MPa Grade High Strength Spring Steel for Automobile Lightweight [期刊论文]J. M. Zhang; L. K. Ji; D. J. Bao; Y. R. Feng; S. X. Li, et al.2014
Low-cycle Fatigue Behaviors of an As-extruded Mg-12%Gd-3%Y-0.5%Zr Alloy [期刊论文]S. M. Yin; S. X. Li2013
Preparation of cationic exchange membranes based on organo-montmorillonite/poly(vinylidene fluoride) by two-step chemically induced grafting method [期刊论文]B. Tian; H. X. Li; W. Zhang; S. X. Li2013
High-cycle fatigue and fracture behaviours of Cu-Be alloy with a wide strength range [期刊论文]J. C. Pang; S. X. Li; Z. F. Zhang2013
General relation between tensile strength and fatigue strength of metallic materials [期刊论文]J. C. Pang; S. X. Li; Z. G. Wang; Z. F. Zhang2013
Optimizing strength and ductility of Cu-Zn alloys through severe plastic deformation [期刊论文]P. Zhang; X. H. An; Z. J. Zhang; S. D. Wu; S. X. Li, et al.2012

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