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Effective-field theory on the kinetic spin-1 Blume-Capel model [期刊论文]X. L. Shi; G. Z. Wei2012
First-principles calculation on the magnetic and electronic properties of iron sulfur compound [期刊论文]J. Liu; B. Luo; K. L. Yao2012
Phase stabilities in a NiCrAlYRe coating alloy [期刊论文]J. J. Liang; H. Wei; Y. L. Zhu; T. Jin; X. F. Sun, et al.2012
Structure and hydrogen absorbing properties of ScCrMn alloy [期刊论文]W. H. Li; E. D. Wu2012
Tailor-made ultrathin manganese oxide nanostripes: 'magic widths' on Pd(1 1 N) terraces [期刊论文]C. Franchini; F. Li; S. Surnev; R. Podloucky; F. Allegretti, et al.2012
Dynamic hysteresis of tetragonal ferroelectrics: The resonance of 90 degrees-domain switching [期刊论文]D. P. Chen; J. M. Liu2012
Refined semi-empirical formula for liquid-vapour critical point exponent delta and its relevance to the random field Ising model [期刊论文]Z. D. Zhang; N. H. March2011
Are the critical exponents for Anderson localization due to disorder well understood? [期刊论文]Z. D. Zhang; N. H. March2011
Impurity-modulated electron properties in a double-quantum-dot Aharonov-Bohm ring [期刊论文]S. Zhang; H. Li; W. J. Gong; G. Z. Wei2011
Superstrong Ultra long Carbon Nanotubes for Mechanical Energy Storage [期刊论文]R. F. Zhang; Q. Wen; W. Z. Qian; D. S. Su; Q. Zhang, et al.2011

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