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Electrochemical preparation of NiAl intermetallic compound from solid oxides in molten CaCl2 and its corrosion behaviors in NaCl aqueous solution [期刊论文]H. Y. Yin; T. Yu; D. Y. Tang; X. F. Ruan; H. Zhu, et al.2012
Corrosion protection of aluminium alloy 2024-T3 in 0.05 M NaCl by cerium cinnamate [期刊论文]H. W. Shi; E. H. Han; F. C. Liu2011
Study of an environment-friendly insulating coating with high corrosion resistance on electrical steel [期刊论文]A. Lin; X. A. Zhang; D. J. Fang; M. A. Yang; F. X. Gan2010
Theoretical investigations of the g factors and hyperfine structure constants for CdSe:Mn(2+) nanocrystals [期刊论文]L. L. Li; S. Y. Wu; X. F. Wang; P. Xu2010
Field-Controlled Luttinger Liquid and Possible Crossover into Spin Liquid in Strong-Rail Ladder Systems [期刊论文]L. J. Ding; K. L. Yao; H. H. Fu2010
Determination of the local molecular structure of metal perchlorate complex from the electron paramagnetic resonance spectra for a substitution of Mn(2+) ion: a complete energy matrices study [期刊论文]Y. R. Zhao; M. L. Gao; Y. F. Li; C. Lu; X. Y. Kuang2009
Study of optical absorption and EPR spectra of Mn2+ ion in cadmium maleate dihydrate [期刊论文]X. Yang; X. Y. Kuang; C. Lu; H. Wang2007



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