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Impurity Effect on Wear Resistance of Ultrafine-Grained Copper [期刊论文]B. Yao; Z. Han; K. Lu2012
Effects of solder dimension on the interfacial shear strength and fracture behaviors of Cu/Sn-3Cu/Cu joints [期刊论文]L. M. Yang; Q. K. Zhang; Z. F. Zhang2012
Effect of particle size on the activity and durability of the Pt/C electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells [期刊论文]Z. Xu; H. M. Zhang; H. X. Zhong; Q. H. Lu; Y. F. Wang, et al.2012
Effects of Ti-bearing inclusions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of MAG multilayer weld metal [期刊论文]X. Wang; W. C. Dong; S. P. Lu; G. Z. He; X. Zhao, et al.2012
Insight into the reactivity of Al-Ga-In-Sn alloy with water [期刊论文]W. Wang; X. M. Zhao; D. M. Chen; K. Yang2012
Tensile and fatigue properties of ultrafine-grained low-carbon steel processed by equal channel angular pressing [期刊论文]J. C. Pang; M. X. Yang; G. Yang; S. D. Wu; S. X. Li, et al.2012
Rod-Shaped Fe2O3 as an Efficient Catalyst for the Selective Reduction of Nitrogen Oxide by Ammonia [期刊论文]X. L. Mou; B. S. Zhang; Y. Li; L. D. Yao; X. J. Wei, et al.2012
Superparamagnetism and spin-glass like state for the MnFe2O4 nano-particles synthesized by the thermal decomposition method [期刊论文]R. R. Gao; Y. Zhang; W. Yu; R. Xiong; J. Shi2012
Controlled Synthesis of Tellurium Nanostructures from Nanotubes to Nanorods and Nanowires and Their Template Applications [期刊论文]H. T. Zhu; H. Zhang; J. K. Liang; G. H. Rao; J. B. Li, et al.2011
Synthesis of CoFe(2)O(4) nanoparticles with tunable magnetism by the modified hydrothermal method [期刊论文]Y. Zhang; Y. Liu; Z. Yang; R. Xiong; J. Shi2011

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