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延性金属材料的撕裂韧性 [会议论文]李翠红; 段启强; 张哲峰2012-11-2
氨储槽不锈钢管腐蚀开裂原因分析 [会议论文]盖秀颖2012-10
金属多层的强度及界面强化能力研究进展 [期刊论文]朱晓飞; 颜家伟; 张广平2012-6-20
马氏体抗菌不锈钢的研究开发 [会议论文]陈红军; 陆桂芬; 杨柯; 南黎2012-4
Interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties of SnBi/Cu joints by alloying Cu substrate [期刊论文]H. F. Zou; Q. K. Zhang; Z. F. Zhang2012
A statistical model for predicting the mechanical properties of nanostructured metals with bimodal grain size distribution [期刊论文]L. L. Zhu; S. Q. Shi; K. Lu; J. Lu2012
Structural relaxation and its influence on the elastic properties and notch toughness of Mg-Zn-Ca bulk metallic glass [期刊论文]Y. Y. Zhao; X. Zhao2012
Fatigue cracking at twin boundary: Effect of dislocation reactions [期刊论文]Z. J. Zhang; L. L. Li; P. Zhang; Z. F. Zhang2012
Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of ultrafine grained Al3Ti/Al-5.5Cu composites produced via hot pressing and subsequent friction stir processing [期刊论文]Q. Zhang; B. L. Xiao; P. Xue; Z. Y. Ma2012
Optimizing strength and ductility of Cu-Zn alloys through severe plastic deformation [期刊论文]P. Zhang; X. H. An; Z. J. Zhang; S. D. Wu; S. X. Li, et al.2012

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