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Alpha-amino acid assisted synthesis of ordered mesoporous alumina with tunable structural properties [期刊论文]Xiao, YS; Zhang, BS; Song, YH; Liu, ZT; Su, DS, et al.2018-7-15
Microporous Framework Induced Synthesis of Single-Atom Dispersed Fe-N-C Acidic ORR Catalyst and Its in Situ Reduced Fe-N-4 Active Site Identification Revealed by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy [期刊论文]Xiao, ML; Zhu, JB; Ma, L; Jin, Z; Ge, J, et al.2018-4-1
Grignard reagent reduced nanocarbon material in oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane [期刊论文]Li, JQ; Yu, P; Xie, JX; Zhang, YJ; Liu, HY, et al.2018-4-1
Carbocatalysing the preparation of N-Rich heterocycles with an unprecedented mechanism [期刊论文]Gupta, N; Khavryuchenko, O; Wen, GD; Wu, KH; Su, DS2018-4-1
Phosphorus oxide clusters stabilized by carbon nanotubes for selective isomerization and dehydrogenation of beta-isopentene [期刊论文]Huang, R; Wang, J; Zhang, BS; Wu, KH; Zhang, YJ, et al.2018-3-21
Oxidative Dehydrogenation on Nanocarbon: Insights into the Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics via in Situ Experimental Methods [期刊论文]Qi, W; Yan, PQ; Su, DS2018-3-1
Few-layer sp(2) carbon supported on Al2O3 as hybrid structure for ethylbenzene oxidative dehydrogenation [期刊论文]Wang, J; Diao, JY; Zhang, JY; Zhang, YJ; Liu, HY, et al.2018-3-1
Structure-performance relationship of nanodiamonds @ nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon in the direct dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene [期刊论文]Liu, YF; Ba, H; Luo, JJ; Wu, KH; Nhut, JM, et al.2018-3-1
Carbon nitride modified nanocarbon materials as efficient non-metallic catalysts for alkane dehydrogenation [期刊论文]Shi, L; Qi, W; Liu, W; Yan, PQ; Li, F, et al.2018-3-1
An Efficient Metal-Free Catalyst for Oxidative Dehydrogenation Reaction: Activated Carbon Decorated with Few-Layer Graphene [期刊论文]Zhang, YJ; Diao, JY; Rong, JF; Zhang, JY; Xie, JX, et al.2018-2-9

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