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Formation of thick nanocrystalline surface layer on copper during oscillating sliding [期刊论文]Y. S. Zhang; W. L. Li; G. Wang; L. C. Zhang; B. Yao, et al.2012
First-principles determination of the rhombohedral magnetostriction of Fe100-xAlx and Fe100-xGax alloys [期刊论文]Y. N. Zhang; H. Wang; R. Q. Wu2012
Size effects and strength fluctuation in nanoscale plasticity [期刊论文]W. Wang; Y. Zhong; K. Lu; L. Lu; D. L. McDowell, et al.2012
Coupling Effect Between Cobalt Oxides And Carbon For Oxygen Reduction Reaction [期刊论文]J. Liu; L. H. Jiang; Q. W. Tang; B. S. Zhang; D. S. Su, et al.2012
New Insights from Microcalorimetry on the FeOx/CNT-Based Electrocatalysts Active in the Conversion of CO2 to Fuels [期刊论文]R. Arrigo; M. E. Schuster; S. Wrabetz; F. Girgsdies; J. P. Tessonnier, et al.2012
UV-Induced Oxidative Energy Storage Behavior of a Novel Nanostructured TiO(2)-Ni(OH)(2) Bilayer System [期刊论文]L. Y. Zhang; L. Xu; J. M. Wang; H. B. Shao; Y. Q. Fan, et al.2011
Ultra-thin anatase TiO(2) nanosheets dominated with {001} facets: thickness-controlled synthesis, growth mechanism and water-splitting properties [期刊论文]X. H. Yang; Z. Li; G. Liu; J. Xing; C. H. Sun, et al.2011
Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Metal-Terminated MnCr(2)O(4) Nano-octahedron Catalyzing MnS Dissolution in an Austenitic Stainless Steel [期刊论文]Y. J. Wang; P. Hu; X. L. Ma2011
Preparation of graphene by chemical vapor deposition [期刊论文]W. C. Ren; L. B. Gao; L. P. Ma; H. M. Cheng2011
Synthesis of anatase TiO(2) rods with dominant reactive {010} facets for the photoreduction of CO(2) to CH(4) and use in dye-sensitized solar cells [期刊论文]J. Pan; X. Wu; L. Z. Wang; G. Liu; G. Q. Lub, et al.2011

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