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Diversity of ultrafast hot-carrier-induced dynamics and striking sub-femtosecond hot-carrier scattering times in graphene [期刊论文]K. Chen; H. H. Li; L. P. Ma; W. C. Ren; T. F. Chung, et al.2014
Ultrafast linear dichroism-like absorption dynamics in graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition [期刊论文]K. Chen; H. H. Li; L. P. Ma; W. C. Ren; J. Y. Zhou, et al.2014
The global growth of graphene [期刊论文]W. C. Ren; H. M. Cheng2014
Direct Observation of Atomic Dynamics and Silicon Doping at a Topological Defect in Graphene [期刊论文]Z. Q. Yang; L. C. Yin; J. Lee; W. C. Ren; H. M. Cheng, et al.2014
Facile preparation of large-scale graphene nanoscrolls from graphene oxide sheets by cold quenching in liquid nitrogen [期刊论文]J. P. Zhao; B. J. Yang; Z. Yang; P. Zhang; Z. M. Zheng, et al.2014
Facile Preparation of One-Dimensional Wrapping Structure: Graphene Nanoscroll-Wrapped of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles and Its Application for Lithium-Ion Battery [期刊论文]J. P. Zhao; B. J. Yang; Z. M. Zheng; J. Yang; Z. Yang, et al.2014
Tuning the Electrical and Optical Properties of Graphene by Ozone Treatment for Patterning Monolithic Transparent Electrodes [期刊论文]J. T. Yuan; L. P. Ma; S. F. Pei; J. H. Du; Y. Su, et al.2013
A Review of Carbon Nanotube- and Graphene-Based Flexible Thin-Film Transistors [期刊论文]D. M. Sun; C. Liu; W. C. Ren; H. M. Cheng2013
Superhydrophobic Graphene Foams [期刊论文]E. Singh; Z. P. Chen; F. Houshmand; W. C. Ren; Y. Peles, et al.2013
MATERIALS SCIENCE When two is better than one [期刊论文]W. C. Ren; H. M. Cheng2013

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