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Superior azo-dye degradation of Fe-Si-B-P amorphous powders with graphene oxide addition [期刊论文]Wang, F; Wang, H; Zhang, HF; Dan, ZH; Weng, N, et al.2018-7-1
Clean, fast and scalable transfer of ultrathin/patterned vertically-aligned carbon nanotube arrays [期刊论文]Ping, LQ; Hou, PX; Wang, H; Chen, ML; Zhao, Y, et al.2018-7-1
Insight into solid-solution strengthened bulk and stacking faults properties in Ti alloys: a comprehensive first-principles study [期刊论文]Wang, WY; Zhang, Y; Li, JS; Zou, CX; Tang, B, et al.2018-5-1
Energy paths of twin-related lattice reorientation in hexagonal metals via ab initio calculations [期刊论文]Zhou, G; Ye, LH; Wang, H; Xu, DS; Meng, CG, et al.2018-4-1
Self-catalyzed copper-silver complex inks for low-cost fabrication of highly oxidation-resistant and conductive copper-silver hybrid tracks at a low temperature below 100 degrees C [期刊论文]Li, WL; Li, CF; Lang, FP; Jiu, JT; Ueshima, M, et al.2018-3-21
Atomistic simulation of microvoid formation and its influence on crack nucleation in hexagonal titanium [期刊论文]He, Y; Zhou, G; Liu, YX; Wang, H; Xu, DS, et al.2018-3-5
Dislocation dipole-induced strengthening in intermetallic TiAl [期刊论文]He, Y; Liu, Z; Zhou, G; Wang, H; Bai, CG, et al.2018-1-15
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Tensile Deformation and Fracture of gamma-TiAl with and without Surface Defects [期刊论文]Wu, HN; Xu, DS; Wang, H; Yang, R2016-10-1
Hollow mesoporous silica sphere-embedded composite separator for high-performance lithium-ion battery [期刊论文]Xiao, W; Wang, JJ; Wang, H; Gong, YQ; Zhao, LN, et al.2016-10-1



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