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Achieving room temperature superplasticity in Zn-5Al alloy at high strain rates by equal-channel angular extrusion [期刊论文]M. Demirtas; G. Purcek; H. Yanar; Z. J. Zhang; Z. F. Zhang2015
Difference in fatigue cracking behaviors of Cu bicrystals with the same component grains but different twin boundaries [期刊论文]L. L. Li; Z. J. Zhang; P. Zhang; J. B. Yang; Z. F. Zhang2015
Using a scalar parameter to trace dislocation evolution in atomistic modeling [期刊论文]J. B. Yang; Z. F. Zhang; Y. N. Osetsky; R. E. Stoller2015
Intrinsically higher fatigue cracking resistance of the penetrable and movable incoherent twin boundary [期刊论文]L. L. Li; P. Zhang; Z. J. Zhang; Z. F. Zhang2014
Physical origin of surface slip morphologies induced by regular self-organized dislocation patterns in fatigued copper single crystals [期刊论文]P. Li; Z. F. Zhang2014
Microstructural percolation assisted breakthrough of trade-off between strength and ductility in CuZr-based metallic glass composites [期刊论文]Z. Q. Liu; G. Liu; R. T. Qu; Z. F. Zhang; S. J. Wu, et al.2014
Varying tensile fracture mechanisms of Cu and Cu-Zn alloys with reduced grain size: From necking to shearing instability [期刊论文]P. Zhang; S. Qu; M. X. Yang; G. Yang; S. D. Wu, et al.2014
Controllable fatigue cracking mechanisms of copper bicrystals with a coherent twin boundary [期刊论文]L. L. Li; Z. J. Zhang; P. Zhang; Z. G. Wang; Z. F. Zhang2014
Comparison of low-cycle fatigue behaviors between two nickel-based single-crystal superalloys [期刊论文]P. Li; Q. Q. Li; T. Jin; Y. Z. Zhou; J. G. Li, et al.2014
Effect of Re on low-cycle fatigue behaviors of Ni-based single-crystal superalloys at 900 degrees C [期刊论文]P. Li; Q. Q. Li; T. Jin; Y. Z. Zhou; J. G. Li, et al.2014

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