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Boundary faceting in Goss orientated nickel with a nanolaminated structure [期刊论文]Xie, H; Zhang, HW; Lu, K2018-7-1
Developing beta-type bulk metallic glass composites from Ti/Zr-based bulk metallic glasses by an iteration method [期刊论文]Zhang, L; Fu, HM; Li, H; Zhu, ZW; Zhang, HW, et al.2018-4-5
New ductile laminate structure of Ti-alloy/Ti-based metallic glass composite with high specific strength [期刊论文]Li, D; Zhu, ZW; Wang, AM; Fu, HM; Li, H, et al.2018-4-1
Modulating work-hardening behaviors and tensile plasticity of in-situ formed ductile dendrite Ti-based bulk metallic glass composites with tailored dendrite composition [期刊论文]Liu, DM; Zhu, ZW; Li, ZK; Zhang, L; Fu, HM, et al.2018-3-15
Effects of Cr content on the microstructure and stress rupture property of a directionally solidified Ni-based superalloy during long-term thermal exposure [期刊论文]Zhang, HW; Qin, XZ; Wu, YS; Zhou, LZ; Li, XW2018-3-7
Effect of minor additions on the microstructures and stress rupture properties of a directionally solidified Ni-based superalloy [期刊论文]Zhang, HW; Qin, XZ; Li, XW; Zhou, LZ2018-1-10



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