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Characterisation of rust formed on carbon steel after exposure to open atmosphere in Qinghai salt lake region [期刊论文]J. Wang; Z. Y. Wang; W. Ke2012
Effects of inclusions on very high cycle fatigue properties of high strength steels [期刊论文]S. X. Li2012
Evolution of atmospheric corrosion of MnCuP weathering steel in a simulated coastal-industrial atmosphere [期刊论文]L. Hao; S. X. Zhang; J. H. Dong; W. Ke2012
Electrochemical techniques for determining corrosion rate of rusted steel in seawater [期刊论文]Y. Zou; J. Wang; Y. Y. Zheng2011
Competition mechanism between microstructure type and inclusion level in determining VHCF behavior of bainite/martensite dual phase steels [期刊论文]Y. Yu; J. L. Gu; F. L. Shou; L. Xu; B. Z. Bai, et al.2011
Modeling flow stress constitutive behavior of SA508-3 steel for nuclear reactor pressure vessels [期刊论文]M. Y. Sun; L. H. Hao; S. J. Li; D. Z. Li; Y. Y. Li2011
Mechanisms of Solidification Structure Improvement of Ultra Pure 17 wt% Cr Ferritic Stainless Steel by Ti, Nb Addition [期刊论文]Y. T. Shan; X. H. Luo; X. Q. Hu; S. Liu2011
Very high cycle fatigue behaviors of Mn-Si-Cr series Bainite/Martensite dual phase steels [期刊论文]Y. Yu; J. L. Gu; L. Xu; F. L. Shou; B. Z. Bai, et al.2010
Corrosion behaviour of weathering steel in diluted Qinghai salt lake water in a laboratory accelerated test that involved cyclic wet/dry conditions [期刊论文]J. Wang; Z. Y. Wang; W. Ke2010
The atmospheric corrosion kinetics of low carbon steel in a tropical marine environment [期刊论文]Y. T. Ma; Y. Li; F. H. Wang2010

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