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Microstructure Formation in a Gas-Atomized Drop of Al-Pb-Sn Immiscible Alloy [期刊论文]L. Zhao; J. Z. Zhao2012
Rafting structure formation during solution treatment in a nickel-based superalloy [期刊论文]K. Zhao; L. H. Lou2012
(Nd1.5Mg0.5)Ni-7-Based Compounds: Structural and Hydrogen Storage Properties [期刊论文]Q. G. Zhang; B. Zhao; M. H. Fang; C. R. Liu; Q. M. Hu, et al.2012
Ferroelectricity generated by spin-orbit and spin-lattice couplings in multiferroic DyMnO3 [期刊论文]N. Zhang; S. Dong; J. M. Liu2012
Investigations on the local structure and spin Hamiltonian parameters for the orthorhombic Cu2+ center in Ca(OD)(2) [期刊论文]H. M. Zhang; S. Y. Wu; Z. H. Zhang; P. Xu2012
Strengthening Ti3AlC2 by In Situ Synthesizing Ti3AlC2-Y4Al2O9 Composites [期刊论文]X. Zhan; Z. Li; Z. H. Gao; L. Y. Zheng; X. H. Wang, et al.2012
Micrometer-sized quasicrystals in the Al85Ni5Y6Co2Fe2 metallic glass: A TEM study and a brief discussion on the formability of quasicrystals in bulk and marginal glass-forming alloys [期刊论文]M. Yan; J. Q. Wang; C. Kong; G. B. Schaffer; M. Qian2012
Evolution of interfacial nanostructures and stress states in Mg matrix composites reinforced with coated continuous carbon fibers [期刊论文]W. G. Wang; B. L. Xiao; Z. Y. Ma2012
Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Short-Term Thermally Exposed 9/12Cr Heat-Resistant Steels [期刊论文]W. Wang; W. Yan; W. Sha; Y. Y. Shan; K. Yang2012
Effect of eutectics on plastic deformation and subsequent recrystallization in the single crystal nickel base superalloy CMSX-4 [期刊论文]L. Wang; F. Pyczak; J. Zhang; L. H. Lou; R. F. Singer2012

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