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Substitutional Carbon-Modified Anatase TiO2 Decahedral Plates Directly Derived from Titanium Oxalate Crystals via Topotactic Transition [期刊论文]Niu, P; Wu, TT; Wen, L; Tan, J; Yang, YQ, et al.2018-5-17
New BiVO4 Dual Photoanodes with Enriched Oxygen Vacancies for Efficient Solar-Driven Water Splitting [期刊论文]Wang, SC; Chen, P; Bai, Y; Yun, JH; Liu, G, et al.2018-5-17
Noninvasively Modifying Band Structures of Wide-Bandgap Metal Oxides to Boost Photocatalytic Activity [期刊论文]Yu, ZB; Chen, XQ; Kang, XD; Xie, YP; Zhu, HZ, et al.2018-4-5
Atomic-Scale Insight into Structure and Interface of Al2Y Phase in an Mg-Al-Y Alloy [期刊论文]Peng, ZZ; Shao, XH; Guo, XW; Wang, J; Wang, YJ, et al.2018-4-1
Microstructure-Dependent Local Fatigue Cracking Resistance of Bimodal Ti-6Al-4V Alloys [期刊论文]Zeng, LR; Lei, LM; Yang, J; Luo, XM; Zhang, GP2018-4-1
Atomically Dispersed Transition Metals on Carbon Nanotubes with Ultrahigh Loading for Selective Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction [期刊论文]Cheng, Y; Zhao, SY; Johannessen, B; Veder, JP; Saunders, M, et al.2018-3-27
Influence of hybrid extrusion and solution treatment on the microstructure and degradation behavior of Mg-0.1Cu alloy [期刊论文]Yan, XD; Wan, P; Tan, LL; Zhao, MC; Shuai, CJ, et al.2018-3-1
An Unusual Strong Visible-Light Absorption Band in Red Anatase TiO2 Photocatalyst Induced by Atomic Hydrogen-Occupied Oxygen Vacancies [期刊论文]Yang, YQ; Yin, LC; Gong, Y; Niu, P; Wang, JQ, et al.2018-2-8
Colossal X-Ray-Induced Persistent Photoconductivity in Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane Ferroelectric/Semiconductor Junctions [期刊论文]Hu, WJ; Paudel, TR; Lopatin, S; Wang, ZH; Ma, H, et al.2018-2-7
Tensile Strength Evolution and Damage Mechanisms of Al-Si Piston Alloy at Different Temperatures [期刊论文]Wang, M; Pang, JC; Qiu, Y; Liu, HQ; Li, SX, et al.2018-2-1

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