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An accelerated testing method for the evaluation of atmospheric corrosion resistance of weathering steels [期刊论文]Y. H.; Xu Qian, J. J.; Li, M. S.2015
Effect of cyclic hydrostatic pressure on the sacrificial anode cathodic protection [期刊论文]S. N. Hu; T. Zhang; Y. W. Shao; G. Z. Meng; F. H. Wanga2011
Study of an environment-friendly insulating coating with high corrosion resistance on electrical steel [期刊论文]A. Lin; X. A. Zhang; D. J. Fang; M. A. Yang; F. X. Gan2010
Detection of corrosion on 304 stainless steel by acoustic emission measurement [期刊论文]G. Du; W. K. Wang; S. Z. Song; S. J. Jin2010
In field electrochemical evaluation of carbon steel corrosion in a marine test environment [期刊论文]Y. N. Luo; S. Z. Song; W. X. Jin; L. Han2009
Effect of organophosphorus pesticide on the corrosion of carbon steel in polluted freshwaters [期刊论文]L. Jiang; X. H. Mao; J. F. Yu; A. Lin; F. X. Gan2009
Preparation of non-chromium polymer films on zinc for corrosion protection due to a compound effect between silane and cerium salt [期刊论文]D. J. Fang; X. H. Mao; Y. M. Zhang; Z. L. Chen; M. Liu, et al.2009
High temperature naphthenic acid corrosion of steel in high TAN refining media [期刊论文]J. F. Yu; L. Jiang; F. X. Gan2008
Effect of humic acid on the corrosion behavior of carbon steel in natural freshwaters [期刊论文]L. Jiang; X. H. Mao; J. F. Yu; F. X. Gan2008
Correlation between the corrosivity of naphthenic acids and their chemical structures [期刊论文]D. R. Qu; Y. G. Zheng; X. Jiang; W. Ke2007



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