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A Ti-based bulk metallic glass composite with excellent tensile properties and significant work-hardening capacity 期刊论文
MATERIALS LETTERS, 2018, 卷号: 233, 页码: 107-110
Authors:  Liu, DM;  Lin, SF;  Ge, SF;  Zhu, ZW;  Fu, HM;  Zhang, HF
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Amorphous materials  Metallic composites  Martensitic phase transformation  Twinning  Work-hardening  
Phase transformations in body-centered cubic NbxHfZrTi high-entropy alloys 期刊论文
MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION, 2018, 卷号: 142, 页码: 443-448
Authors:  Zhang, L;  Fu, HM;  Ge, SF;  Zhu, ZW;  Li, H;  Zhang, HW;  Wang, AM;  Zhang, HF
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High-entropy alloy  Phase transformation  Phonon anomaly  TiZrHf-based HEM