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Fatigue crack growth in two TWIP steels with different stacking fault energies [期刊论文]Yang, H. K.; Doquet, V.; Zhang, Z. F.2017-5-1
Anisotropic cyclic deformation behavior of extruded ZA81M magnesium alloy [期刊论文]Wang, C.; Luo, T. J.; Zhou, J. X.; Yang, Y. S.2017-3-1
Fatigue crack growth behavior of beta-annealed Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-xMo (x=2, 4 and 6) alloys: Influence of microstructure and stress ratio [期刊论文]Qiu, Jianke; Feng, Xin; Ma, Yingjie; Lei, Jiafeng; Liu, Yuyin, et al.2016
Non-uniform deformation in a friction stir welded Mg-Al-Zn joint during stress fatigue [期刊论文]J. Yang; D. R. Ni; B. L. Xiao; Z. Y. Ma2014
Comparison of low-cycle fatigue behaviors between two nickel-based single-crystal superalloys [期刊论文]P. Li; Q. Q. Li; T. Jin; Y. Z. Zhou; J. G. Li, et al.2014
Investigation on fatigue fracture behaviors of spot welded Q&P980 steel [期刊论文]B. Wang; Q. Q. Duan; G. Yao; J. C. Pang; X. W. Li, et al.2014
Residual stresses and high cycle fatigue properties of friction stir welded SiCp/AA2009 composites [期刊论文]D. R. Ni; D. L. Chen; B. L. Xiao; D. Wang; Z. Y. Ma2013
A critical discussion on influence of loading frequency on fatigue crack propagation behavior for extruded Mg-Al-Zn alloys [期刊论文]R. C. Zeng; E. H. Han; W. Ke2012
Competition mechanism between microstructure type and inclusion level in determining VHCF behavior of bainite/martensite dual phase steels [期刊论文]Y. Yu; J. L. Gu; F. L. Shou; L. Xu; B. Z. Bai, et al.2011
Fatigue properties of rolled magnesium alloy (AZ31) sheet: Influence of specimen orientation [期刊论文]F. Lv; F. Yang; Q. Q. Duan; Y. S. Yang; S. D. Wu, et al.2011

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