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Al-water reactivity of Al-Mg-Ga-In-Sn alloys used for hydraulic fracturing tools [期刊论文]Du, BD; He, TT; Liu, GL; Chen, W; Wang, YM, et al.2018-4-12
Improved reversible dehydrogenation properties of MgH2 by the synergetic effects of graphene oxide-based porous carbon and TiCl3 [期刊论文]Wang, KK; Wu, GL; Cao, HJ; Li, HL; Zhao, XS2018-4-12
Exploring a novel ceramic (Ti,W)(3)SiC2 for interconnect of intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell [期刊论文]Zheng, LL; Hua, QS; Li, XC; Li, MS; Qian, YH, et al.2018-4-12
Effect of CeO2 on oxidation and electrical behaviors of ferritic stainless steel interconnects with Ni-Fe coatings [期刊论文]You, PF; Zhang, X; Zhang, HL; Liu, HJ; Zeng, CL2018-4-12
Preparation and performances of Cu-Co spinel coating on ferritic stainless steel for solid oxide fuel cell interconnect [期刊论文]Zhang, X; You, PF; Zhang, HL; Yang, XG; Luo, MQ, et al.2018-2-8
Sputtered MnCu metallic coating on ferritic stainless steel for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects application [期刊论文]Geng, Shujiang; Zhao, Qingqing; Li, Yaohua; Mu, Jianjia; Chen, Gang, et al.2017-4-13
Influence of In and Sn compositions on the reactivity of Al-Ga-In-Sn alloys with water [期刊论文]He, T. T.; Wang, W.; Chen, W.; Chen, D. M.; Yang, K.2017-3-2
First-principles calculations of crystal and electronic structures and thermodynamic stabilities of La-Ni-H, La-Ni-Al-H and La-Ni-Al-Mn-H hydrogen storage compounds [期刊论文]Liu, GL; Chen, DM; Wang, YM; Yang, K2016-7-27
Catalytic decomposition of hydrous hydrazine over Ni-Pt/La2O3 catalyst: A high-performance hydrogen storage system [期刊论文]Zhong, Yu-Jie; Dai, Hong-Bin; Zhu, Min; Wang, Ping2016-7-13
Electrochemical corrosion characteristics of conducting polypyrrole/polyaniline coatings in simulated environments of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell [期刊论文]Ren, Y. J.; Chen, J.; Zeng, C. L.; Li, C.; He, J. J.2016-6-1

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