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The evolutions of microstructure and mechanical properties of 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V steel with different initial microstructures during tempering [期刊论文]Jiang, Zhonghua; Wang, Pei; Li, Dianzhong; Li, Yiyi2017-6-24
Microstructure, texture and mechanical studies of an inconspicuous shear band formed during hot compression of Ti-6Al-4V alloy [期刊论文]Liu, Chengze; Guan, Hong; Tai, Qingan; Yuan, Fusen; Han, Fuzhou, et al.2017-6-20
Thermo-mechanical fatigue property and life prediction of vermicular graphite iron [期刊论文]Zhang, M. X.; Pang, J. C.; Qiu, Y.; Li, S. X.; Wang, M., et al.2017-6-20
New wetting mechanism induced by the effect of Ag on the interaction between resin carbon and AgCuTi brazing alloy [期刊论文]Zhang, K. X.; Zhao, W. K.; Zhang, F. Q.; He, L. L.2017-6-1
Evolution of shear-band cracking in metallic glass under cyclic compression [期刊论文]Wang, Xiao Di; Qu, Rui Tao; Liu, Zeng Qian; Zhang, Zhe Feng2017-6-1
Temperature dependence of tensile properties and deformation behaviors of nickel-base superalloy M951G [期刊论文]Cui, Luqing; Su, Huhu; Yu, Jinjiang; Liu, Jinlai; Jin, Tao, et al.2017-6-1
Hot deformation and activation energy of a CNT-reinforced aluminum matrix nanocomposite [期刊论文]Mokdad, F.; Chen, D. L.; Liu, Z. Y.; Ni, D. R.; Xiao, B. L., et al.2017-5-17
The effect of reheat treatment on microstructure and stress rupture property of a directionally solidified nickel-based superalloy after long-term thermal exposure [期刊论文]Jiang, X. W.; Wang, D.; Wang, Di.; Li, H.; Lou, L. H.2017-5-10
Origin of unusual fracture in stirred zone for friction stir welded 2198-T8 Al-Li alloy joints [期刊论文]Tao, Y.; Ni, D. R.; Xiao, B. L.; Ma, Z. Y.; Wu, W., et al.2017-5-2
Negative to positive transition of strain rate sensitivity in Fe-22Mn-0.6C-x(Al) twinning-induced plasticity steels [期刊论文]Yang, H. K.; Zhang, Z. J.; Tian, Y. Z.; Zhang, Z. F.2017-4-6

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