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Phosphorus oxide clusters stabilized by carbon nanotubes for selective isomerization and dehydrogenation of beta-isopentene 期刊论文
CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 2018, 卷号: 8, 期号: 6, 页码: 1522-1527
Authors:  Huang, R;  Wang, J;  Zhang, BS;  Wu, KH;  Zhang, YJ;  Su, DS;  Su, DS (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Shenyang Natl Lab Mat Sci, Inst Met Res, 72 Wenhua Rd, Shenyang 110016, Liaoning, Peoples R China.;  Huang, R (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Lanzhou Inst Chem Phys LICP, Suzhou Res Inst LICP, State Key Lab Oxo Synth & Select Oxidat, Lanzhou 730000, Peoples R China.;  Su, DS (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Dalian Inst Chem Phys, Energy Res Resources Div, Dalian 116023, Peoples R China.
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Metal-free Catalysts  Oxidative Dehydrogenation  Oxygen Reduction  Doped Graphene  N-butane  Propane  Boron  Insight  Surface  Ethane  
An Efficient Metal-Free Catalyst for Oxidative Dehydrogenation Reaction: Activated Carbon Decorated with Few-Layer Graphene 期刊论文
CHEMSUSCHEM, 2018, 卷号: 11, 期号: 3, 页码: 536-541
Authors:  Zhang, YJ;  Diao, JY;  Rong, JF;  Zhang, JY;  Xie, JX;  Huang, F;  Jia, ZM;  Liu, HY;  Su, DS;  Su, DS (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Met Res, Shenyang Natl Lab Mat Sci, Wenhua Rd 72, Shenyang 110016, Liaoning, Peoples R China.
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N-butane  Nanocarbon  Nanotubes  Propane  Alkanes  
Phosphate modified carbon nanotubes for oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ENERGY CHEMISTRY, 2016, 卷号: 25, 期号: 3, 页码: 349-353
Authors:  Zhang, YJ;  Huang, R;  Feng, ZB;  Liu, HY;  Shi, CF;  Rong, JF;  Zong, BN;  Su, DS;  Su, DS (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Met Res, Shenyang Natl Lab Mat Sci, Shenyang 110016, Liaoning, Peoples R China.
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Carbon Nanotube  Phosphate Modification  Oxidative Dehydrogenation  N-butane  Metal Free  
Insight into the Enhanced Selectivity of Phosphate-Modified Annealed Nanodiamond for Oxidative Dehydrogenation Reactions 期刊论文
Acs Catalysis, 2015, 卷号: 5, 期号: 4, 页码: 2436-2444
Authors:  X.;  Ding Sun, Y.;  Zhang, B.;  Huang, R.;  Chen, D.;  Su, D. S.
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Nanodiamond  Phosphate  High Selectivity  Oxidative Dehydrogenation  Mechanism  Surface-chemistry  Carbon Nanofibers  Functional-groups  Activated  Carbon  N-butane  Catalysts  Phosphorus  Ethylbenzene  Propane  Inhibition  
The first principles studies on the reaction pathway of the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane on the undoped and doped carbon catalyst 期刊论文
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2014, 卷号: 2, 期号: 15, 页码: 5287-5294
Authors:  S. J. Mao;  B. Li;  D. S. Su
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Density-functional Theory  Vanadium-oxide Catalysts  Total-energy  Calculations  Augmented-wave Method  Selective Oxidation  Basis-set  N-butane  Nanotubes  Propane  Surface  
The Catalytic Pathways of Hydrohalogenation over MetalFree Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes 期刊论文
Chemsuschem, 2014, 卷号: 7, 期号: 3, 页码: 723-728
Authors:  K. Zhou;  B. Li;  Q. Zhang;  J. Q. Huang;  G. L. Tian;  J. C. Jia;  M. Q. Zhao;  G. H. Luo;  D. S. Su;  F. Wei
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Carbon Nanotubes  Ethene  Hydrochlorination  Mercury  Sustainable  Chemistry  Vinyl-chloride Monomer  Oxidative Dehydrogenation Reactions  Vapor-phase  Hydrochlorination  Supported Gold Catalyst  Fluidized-bed Reactor  Acetylene Hydrochlorination  Oxygen Reduction  Efficient Synthesis  Au/c  Catalysts  N-butane  
The Nucleophilicity of the Oxygen Functional Groups on Carbon Materials: A DFT Analysis 期刊论文
Chemistry-a European Journal, 2014, 卷号: 20, 期号: 26, 页码: 7890-7894
Authors:  B. Li;  D. S. Su
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Fukui Function  Nanocarbon Catalysts  Nucleophilicity  Oxygen Functional  Group  Oxidative Dehydrogenation  Heterogeneous Catalysis  Reactivity  Descriptors  Selective Oxidation  Oxide Catalysts  Fukui Functions  Acid-base  Gas-phase  N-butane  Nanotubes  
Nitrobenzene reduction catalyzed by carbon: does the reaction really belong to carbocatalysis? 期刊论文
Catalysis Science & Technology, 2014, 卷号: 4, 期号: 12, 页码: 4183-4187
Authors:  S. C. Wu;  G. D. Wen;  J. Wang;  J. F. Rong;  B. N. Zong;  R. Schlogl;  D. S. Su
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Oxidative Dehydrogenation  Hydrazine Hydrate  Aerobic Oxidation  Graphene Oxide  Graphite Oxide  N-butane  Nanotubes  Hydrogenation  Nitroarenes  Efficient  
Model Molecules with Oxygenated Groups Catalyze the Reduction of Nitrobenzene: Insight into Carbocatalysis 期刊论文
Chemcatchem, 2014, 卷号: 6, 期号: 6, 页码: 1558-1561
Authors:  S. C. Wu;  G. D. Wen;  X. M. Liu;  B. W. Zhong;  D. S. Su
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Active Sites  Carbocatalysis  Model Catalyst  Reaction Mechanisms  Reduction  Oxidative Dehydrogenation  Graphene Oxide  Carbon Nanotubes  Nitro-compounds  Aerobic Oxidation  Graphite Oxide  N-butane  Chemistry  Efficient  
Metal-Free Carbon Catalysts for Oxidative Dehydrogenation Reactions 期刊论文
Acs Catalysis, 2014, 卷号: 4, 期号: 9, 页码: 3212-3218
Authors:  W. Qi;  D. S. Su
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Nanocarbon  Oxidative Dehydrogenation  Heterogeneous Catalysis  Metal-free Catalysis  Carbon Catalysis  Onion-like Carbon  Heterogeneous Catalysis  Mediated Catalysis  Nanotube  Catalysts  N-butane  Ethylbenzene  Styrene  Oxygen  Surface  Adsorption