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Investigation of defects in a mesophase pitch-based graphite at the atomic scale [期刊论文]Rong Ju; Zhu Yuan-yuan; Fan Zhen; Feng Zhi-hai; He Lian-long2017-4-1
A graphene/PVDF/PP multilayer composite separator for long-life and high power lithium-ion batteries [期刊论文]Bu, Ai-Xiu; Tan, Yong; Fang, Ruo-Pian; Li, Feng; Pei, Song-Feng, et al.2017-2-1
Changing the chirality of single-wall carbon nanotubes during epitaxial growth: A density functional theory study [期刊论文]Shen, W; Li, F; Liu, C; Yin, LC2016-10-1
Applications of porous carbon materials in the electrocatalysis of the oxygen reduction reaction [期刊论文]Yang, HC; Liang, J; Wang, ZX; An, BG; Li, F2016-6-1
Synthesis of hollow carbon nanostructures using a ZnO template method [期刊论文]Liu Hong-yang; Feng Zhen-bao; Wang Jia; Diao Jiang-yong; Su Dang-sheng2016
Microstructure of a pyrolytic carbon coating on a nuclear graphite substrate IG-110 [期刊论文]Feng Shang-lei; Yang Ying-guo; Bai Shuo; Xu Li; Yang Xin-mei, et al.2015
Carbon nanotube-modified LiFePO4 for high rate lithium ion batteries [期刊论文]W. B. Luo; L. Wen; H. Z. Luo; R. S. Song; Y. C. Zhai, et al.2014
A review of the electrochemical activity of carbon Materials in vanadium redox flow batteries [期刊论文]G. J. Wei; X. Z. Fan; J. G. Liu; C. W. Yan2014
Electrochemical modification and its effect on the pseudocapacitive properties of a graphite electrode [期刊论文]X. Z.; Xu Fan, H. B.; Lu, Y. H.; Kong, X. F.; Wang, J.2014
Synthesis of coaxial nanocables of single-walled carbon nanotubes sheathed with amorphous silicon oxide [期刊论文]Y. L. Zhang; P. X. Hou; C. Liu2013

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