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Effects of solution treatment on microstructure and tensile properties of as-cast alloy 625 期刊论文
Authors:  Yang, Fei;  Hou, Jie-shan;  Wang, Chang-shuai;  Zhou, Lan-zhang
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as-cast alloy 625  solution treatment  microstructure  tensile properties  gamma/Laves eutectic  
Microstructure and properties of TP2 copper tube with La microalloying by horizontal continuous casting 期刊论文
CHINA FOUNDRY, 2018, 卷号: 15, 期号: 1, 页码: 31-36
Authors:  Wu, JH;  Zhang, SH;  Chen, Y;  Li, HH;  Song, HW;  Cheng, M;  Liu, JS;  Zhang, SH (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Met Res, Shenyang 110016, Liaoning, Peoples R China.
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Rare-earth-elements  Mechanical-properties  As-cast  Corrosion Behavior  Pure Copper  Samarium Addition  Sm Addition  Alloy  Ce  Composites  
Effects of lanthanum addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast pure copper 期刊论文
Journal of Rare Earths, 2014, 卷号: 32, 期号: 11, 页码: 1056-1063
Authors:  Y. Chen;  M. Cheng;  H. W. Song;  S. H. Zhang;  J. S. Liu;  Y. Zhu
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As-cast Pure Copper  La  Microstructure  Mechanical Property  Rare  Earths  Directional Solidification  Equiaxed Transition  Aluminum-alloy  La  Addition  Zr Alloys  Columnar  Fragmentation  Elements  Ce  
Effect of processing parameters on hot deformation behavior and microstructural evolution during hot compression of as-cast Ti60 titanium alloy 期刊论文
Materials Science and Engineering a-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing, 2014, 卷号: 593, 页码: 16-23
Authors:  W. W. Peng;  W. D. Zeng;  Q. J. Wang;  Q. Y. Zhao;  H. G. Yu
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As-cast Ti60 Titanium Alloy  Flow Softening  Discontinuous Yielding  Microstructural Evolution  Working  Ti-6al-4v  Temperature  Map  Imi-834  Imi834  
Characterization of high-temperature deformation behavior of as-cast Ti60 titanium alloy using processing map 期刊论文
Materials Science and Engineering a-Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing, 2013, 卷号: 571, 页码: 116-122
Authors:  W. W. Peng;  W. D. Zeng;  Q. J. Wang;  H. G. Yu
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As-cast Ti60 Titanium Alloy  Constitutive Relationship  Processing Map  Hot Deformation Behavior  Hot-working  Microstructure Evolution  Ti40 Alloy  Ti-6al-4v  Compression  Workability  Hydrogen  Flow  
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-Zn-Y-Nd-Zr alloys 期刊论文
Journal of Rare Earths, 2013, 卷号: 31, 期号: 6, 页码: 616-621
Authors:  J. Wang;  R. D. Liu;  X. G. Dong;  Y. S. Yang
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Mg-zn-y-nd-zr Alloys  Homogenizing Treatment  Microstructure  Mechanical  Properties  Rare Earths  Automotive Industry  Magnesium Alloy  As-cast  Behavior  Tensile  X=0  
Comparative study on constitutive relationship of as-cast Ti60 titanium alloy during hot deformation based on Arrhenius-type and artificial neural network models 期刊论文
Materials & Design, 2013, 卷号: 51, 页码: 95-104
Authors:  W. W. Peng;  W. D. Zeng;  Q. J. Wang;  H. Q. Yu
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As-cast Titanium Alloy  Constitutive Model  Arrhenius-type  Neural  Network  9cr-1mo P91 Steel  High-temperature  Flow Behavior  Strain-rate  Stainless-steel  Predict  Stress  Microstructure  Compression  Evolution  
Formation of the solidified microstructure in Mg-Sn binary alloy 期刊论文
Journal of Crystal Growth, 2011, 卷号: 322, 期号: 1, 页码: 84-90
Authors:  J. W. Fu;  Y. S. Yang
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Dendrites  Growth From Melt  Mg-sn Alloy  Age-hardening Response  Grain-refinement  Creep-behavior  Mechanical-properties  Di Alloys  Si Alloy  As-cast  Al-ca  Growth  Zn  
Effect of second phases on the corrosion behaviour of wrought Mg-Zn-Y-Zr alloy 期刊论文
Corrosion Science, Corrosion Science, 2010, 2010, 卷号: 52, 52, 期号: 5, 页码: 1830-1837, 1830-1837
Authors:  Y. W. Song;  D. Y. Shan;  R. S. Chen;  E. H. Han
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Magnesium  Magnesium  Alloy  Alloy  Polarisation  Polarisation  Sem  Sem  Pitting Corrosion  Pitting Corrosion  Quasi-crystalline Phase  Quasi-crystalline Phase  Mechanical-properties  Mechanical-properties  Magnesium Alloys  Magnesium Alloys  As-cast  As-cast  Chloride  Chloride  Ingot  Ingot  Az91d  Az91d  
Distribution and Effect of P and B on As-Cast Microstructure of Low Thermal Expansion Superalloy of Thermo-Span 期刊论文
RARE METAL MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING, 2008, 卷号: 37, 期号: 9, 页码: 1582-1586
Authors:  Sun Yaru;  Sun Wenru;  Sun Xiaofeng;  Guo Shouren;  Liu Zheng;  Hu Zhuangqi
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as-cast microstructure  P, B  thermo-span alloy  incipient melting temperature