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Effect of aluminum content on dislocation loops in model FeCrAl alloys 期刊论文
Authors:  Zhou, Xiong;  Guo, Liping;  Wei, Yaxia;  Wang, Hui;  Chen, Cheng;  Chen, Yiheng;  Zhang, Weiping;  Liu, Shi;  Liu, Renduo;  Mo, Shaobo
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FeCrAl alloy  Dislocation loops  Radiation damage  Accident tolerant fuel cladding  
Interface Effects on He Ion Irradiation in Nanostructured Materials 期刊论文
MATERIALS, 2019, 卷号: 12, 期号: 16
Authors:  Yang, Wenfan;  Pang, Jingyu;  Zheng, Shijian;  Wang, Jian;  Zhang, Xinghang;  Ma, Xiuliang
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He ion irradiation  cavities  interface  nanostructured materials  
Correlation of Materials Property and Performance with Internal Structures Evolvement Revealed by Laboratory X-ray Tomography 期刊论文
MATERIALS, 2018, 卷号: 11, 期号: 10, 页码: -
Authors:  Zhang, L;  Wang, SG
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X-ray tomography  in situ  mechanics  corrosion  biomaterial  battery  
Effects of intragranular defects on helium accumulation damage in nanocrystalline nitrides 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 2018, 卷号: 739, 页码: 401-406
Authors:  Lao, YX;  Niu, WX;  Shi, YL;  Du, H;  Zhang, HB;  Hu, SL;  Wang, Y;  Wang, Y (reprint author), Sichuan Univ, Inst Nucl Sci & Technol, Minist Educ, Key Lab Radiat Phys & Technol, Chengdu 610064, Sichuan, Peoples R China.;  Hu, SL (reprint author), China Acad Engn Phys, Inst Nucl Phys & Chem, Mianyang 621900, Peoples R China.
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Microstructure Evolution  Radiation Tolerance  Bubble Formation  He Irradiation  Degrees-c  Interfaces  Migration  Ceramics  
Role of the X and n factors in ion-irradiation induced phase transformations of M(n+1)AX(n) phases 期刊论文
ACTA MATERIALIA, 2018, 卷号: 144, 页码: 432-446
Authors:  Wang, CX;  Yang, TF;  Tracy, CL;  Xiao, JR;  Liu, SS;  Fang, Y;  Yan, ZF;  Ge, W;  Xue, JM;  Zhang, J;  Wang, JY;  Huang, Q;  Ewing, RC;  Wang, YG;  Wang, YG (reprint author), Peking Univ, Ctr Appl Phys & Technol, State Key Lab Nucl Phys & Technol, Beijing 100871, Peoples R China.
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Augmented-wave Method  Max Phases  Structural Transitions  Electronic-structure  Damage Evolution  Ti3alc2  Ti2alc  Ti3sic2  Ceramics  Ti4aln3  
Tensile properties and microstructure of Zr-1.8Nb alloy subjected to 140-MeV C4+ ion irradiation 期刊论文
ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2017, 卷号: 495, 页码: 138-145
Authors:  Yang, H. L.;  Kano, S.;  Matsukawa, Y.;  Shen, J. J.;  Zhao, Z. S.;  Duan, Z. G.;  Chen, D. Y.;  Murakami, K.;  Li, Y. F.;  Satoh, Y.;  Abe, H.;  Yang, HL;  Kano, S (reprint author), Univ Tokyo, Grad Sch Engn, Dept Nucl Engn, 2-22 Shirakata Shirane, Tokai, Ibaraki 3191188, Japan.
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Zr-nb Alloy  High Energy Ion irradiatIon  Dislocation Loops  Mechanical Properties  Strengthening  
Ion-irradiation-induced structural evolution in Ti4AlN3 期刊论文
SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 2017, 卷号: 133, 页码: 19-23
Authors:  Wang, Chenxu;  Yang, Tengfei;  Chen, Chien-Hung;  Park, Sulgiye;  Liu, Shaoshuai;  Fang, Yuan;  Yan, Zhanfeng;  Xue, Jianming;  Zhang, Jie;  Wang, Jingyang;  Ewing, Rodney C.;  Wang, Yugang;  Wang, YG (reprint author), Peking Univ, Ctr Appl Phys & Technol, State Key Lab Nucl Phys & Technol, Beijing 100871, Peoples R China.
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Max Phase  Ion irradiatIon  Microstructure  Damage Evolution  Phase Transition  
Effects of He radiation on cavity distribution and hardness of bulk nanolayered Cu-Nb composites 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS, 2017, 卷号: 487, 页码: 311-316
Authors:  Yang, L. X.;  Zheng, S. J.;  Zhou, Y. T.;  Zhang, J.;  Wang, Y. Q.;  Jiang, C. B.;  Mara, N. A.;  Beyerlein, I. J.;  Ma, X. L.;  Zheng, SJ (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Met Res, Shenyang Natl Lab Mat Sci, Shenyang 110016, Peoples R China.
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Interface  Cavity  Softening  Radiation  Nanolayered Composite  
Considerable knock-on displacement of metal atoms under a low energy electron beam 期刊论文
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 2017, 卷号: 7, 页码: -
Authors:  Gu, Hengfei;  Li, Geping;  Liu, Chengze;  Yuan, Fusen;  Han, Fuzhou;  Zhang, Lifeng;  Wu, Songquan;  Li, GP (reprint author), Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Met Res, 72 Wenhua Rd, Shenyang 110016, Peoples R China.;  Li, GP (reprint author), Univ Sci & Technol China, 96 Jinzhai Rd, Hefei 230026, Peoples R China.
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Effect of Ar+ ion irradiation on the microstructure of pyrolytic carbon 期刊论文
Journal of Applied Physics, 2015, 卷号: 117, 期号: 11
Authors:  S. L.;  Yang Feng, Y. G.;  Li, L.;  Zhang, D. S.;  Yang, X. M.;  Bai, S.;  Xia, H. H.;  Yan, L.;  Huai, P.;  Zhou, X. T.
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Graphite Single Crystals  Tem Specimen Preparation  X-ray-diffraction  Raman-spectroscopy  Nuclear Graphite  Radiation-damage  Electron  Microscope  Induced Defects  Beta-carotene  Xps